Space Leprechaun Steam PC Review

Space Leprechaun (or Space Lepricon as the game says a lot of the time) is a horizontal space shooter, without much going for it. The game is just long, dull, devoid of enemies or challenge. Each level lasts 15+ agonizing minutes of emptiness.

There are primarily two types of enemies, rocks and orbs. Shoot a red orb to replenish your red weapon, shoot a yellow orb to replenish your yellow weapon. The colors don’t matter, its all about whatever gun you need ammunition for as there’s a maximum. For other enemies, there are bosses and every so often a flying saucer appears.

Because the enemies are sparse and easy to avoid, you fire one projectile at a time, although the trailer would lead me to believe that you can get better weapons. Changing between your seven weapons is a bit cumbersome as you need to press a the number to the weapon. In a way its okay because the weapons have the same effectiveness. Any color of your weapon can kill any orb. When you run out of ammo you have to change your weapon, but if all weapons are dry, that’s it, you have no other opportunity to regain ammunition at least in the early portion of the game. I should point out that while the weapons are all color coated, the projectiles are all the same rainbow laser.

The scoring is simple, destroy something and get a point. Even matching orange weapon to orange orb fails to net you any additional points.

Full disclosure, I never made it far in the game. Its just far too dull. I keep watching the timer tick by and watch the meter indicating how far you are in the level. Its just disheartening. I never played far enough to get upgrades or better weapons.

You start with three lives if you need them, but since everything is so easy to dodge in the early stages of the game, the only way you can die is via suicide.

I would appreciate shorter levels with more action and a greater variety of enemies. Leaderboards would also enhance how replayable the game is.

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