O’Fox Life Steam PC Review

O’Fox Life is a simple fifteen minute platformer with 2,500 achievements. The achievements start unlocking the second you start the game and if they stop, you’ll have to restart the game to keep the unlock train running. Sitting with the game open it takes about 4 hours for the achievements to be unlocked.

For those who are here for a game, its a mess of “developers first game issues,” such as when you start the game its shows a “made in GameMaker” followed by a black screen when it goes to full screen. For those lucky enough to get past the black screen, there are plenty of other issues.

With that out of the way, its time to discuss the game… its simple, empty and vacant. There are no enemies, the levels all look the same and the game relies on a lot of falling off cliffs. Each level winds in a linear path so you travel, left, right, up and down. Its the down part that becomes an issue as there’s no way to look down to “look before you leap.” So you have to have a leap of faith over-and-over. Its a problem because you can end up dying in water and sometimes you die in mid air. I’d prefer some sort of terminal velocity that kills the player.

When you die its off to the beginning of the level. Oh but you’re in luck as there are unlimited lives to make up for what can be seen as completely unfair. To increase the challenge there are background platforms that somehow manage to use the same green grass as the solid blocks you can walk on. I just wish they were a darker color to blend in with the background, but I think the goal of this game was to work with as many free assets without editing them.

The game has other issues such as no sound effects or music, which is odd considering the game credits someone to the sound effects. The player never touches the walls, there’s always a gap between. The jump will always jump as long as you keep holding the space key. Somehow your character races up bridges faster, but that’s not the only issue as sometimes the bridge will stop your movement all together until you jump. It seems like a minor problem.

There are a number of things that would enhance the game, such as a clear cut exit. You just walk until you hit a specific wall. It would enhance the game to look more like a tunnel or have a clear cut goal line.

The game clocks in at the 15 minute mark before the credits roll and I think having a score or at least a speed run time would benefit the game’s short length.

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