Grape Jelly Steam PC Review

Grape Jelly is a single button infinite runner that’s so easy its dull. Its mundane and so slow I end up living forever, until I chose to die. The game has three lives when one feels like more than enough. Perhaps the game is designed for small children, but there needs to be a harder difficulty.

While the game is bare bones, there is potential here. There are a few items such as ones that will increase or decrease your speed for a few seconds. Other than that, you always have a double jump that turns into an unnecessary crutch for an easy game. You can get to higher platforms or just save yourself from a dumb death when you already have three lives that can replenish.

The game keeps track of your local best score, but it needs to have leaderboard support and achievements or something to add an extra frill. Perhaps more characters to unlock by getting scores or coins in game. Even different environments or backgrounds would extend the game’s interest.

It could easily be better and bring it up to a more enjoyable experience than the empty, far too easy, endless runner that it is.

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