Dogcoin Steam PC Review

Dogcoin is a bare bones, basic platformer with a lot of spikes and coins. Enter into a world of single screen challenges where you combat the game’s “jump only when moving” controls. There is a gambit of issues with Dogcoin such as needing backgrounds, better controls, better level design and collision.

The biggest issue with the game is when you bump your head on the ceiling you drop like a stone, so that makes a bad game more frustrating. After five minutes on the second level I gave up. Too many perfect jumps with imperfect collision detection on the spikes. The character can hook its elbow on a platform to stay a float.

You’re given unlimited deaths to make up for the poor level design, but with each death the music restarts. The music doesn’t even loop. when its over, it stops, then starts up again!

The gimmick of this game seems to be throwing coins, which you can do with the up key. You also jump with the up key, but only when you’re moving. Each thrown coin costs a coin, but its cool since you start with 1,000 and each single screen level has a dozen or more coins. You have no aim with the coin, when you throw them it goes in one of five random directions. When your coins deplete to 0… you can still throw coins.

Here’s the catch, why are you throwing coins when there seems to be no enemies? Sure the trailer shows enemies, but two levels into the game there were none. Even then, the coin throw is too powerful even if you can’t aim it. You have a thousand projectiles that fire so quickly that nothing would stand a chance. Again… assuming that the level design was good enough for me to complete the second level.

I hear you can tell a lot about a game from its title screen and or menu. This game has neither one. You’re just dumped into the game

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