Fidget Spinner Simulator Steam PC Review

Fidget Spinner is a first person experience for lack of a better word that has you hovering on a hover board and tumbling downhill all while holding onto your trusty fidget spinner and some sort of aerosol spray can. I gave this a fair try and expected the worst so the game could wow and dazzle me with anything over my expectations.

To summarize what’s in Fidget Spinner Simulator, it consists of two play areas. There is a tranquil landscape of grass and luscious fauna and a second area with what appears to be a generic racetrack hovering and spiraling above water. There is a third area in multiplayer that seems to located atop a dam. To the game’s credit, the green hill zone is well done to a questionable degree. Great grass, trees plopped down with soothing music in the background. Its a place I want to be. A few trees hover here and there, plus when you go into water the water disappears. With that said the hills run out and the terrain drops into the water, but with invisible walls surrounding the island, you’ll never fall off. The other area is devoid of life since its a metal track. I assume you can have the thrill of racing in one of the most mundane and vacant places I’ve seen since looking into the developer’s eyes.

As you can tell from the trailer there is no animation here in Fidget Spinner Simulator. You know what you’re getting into and you can make your own choices to buy this.

One thing that the trailer fails to show is how easy it is to fall over and end up on your back in the hilly green area. Hover boards were never made to go uphill like that. So you flop over. On screen at all times is the fact that you can press R to reset. Yeah, but the problem with that is resetting the board on an area that made you flop over, will make you fall again. When you’re on your back or your face, you can still move backward as if hovering into the air before gravity kicks in and you plop back down. If you like laughing at things like that, this game might be for you.

You’re forced to use WSAD like a lot of games, but in most games A & D strafe you left and right, but here in Fidget Spinner Simulator, A & D rotate you like a tank as if this is 1994 PC gaming. The mouse controls where you look, but movement is independent. It would be better if the mouse cursor went away until you call up the menu. Oh but what key controls the fidget spinner you may ask? I almost forgot what I was playing as the fidget spinner ends up forgotten as it will be in six months. The space bar controls the lackluster spinner. In a game devoid of animation… it spins as if it were a pinwheel stapled to your hand. Its sad that “R to reset” has to be on screen at all times while you’re never told how to fidget your spinner.

As for the other thing the character is playing I have no idea what it is. Some sort of lighter fluid escaping into the air. An aerosol spray that escapes up rather than forward like a bug bomb would? The character could be huffing and this is his magical place to spin fidgets and float on a hover board across hills.

With multiplayer, the lobby system seems to be out of place for the look and style of this game. Its clean, looks good, but at the time when I tried there were no servers opened. Could I be too late and I missed the fidget spinner trend. It did let me play a multiplayer game alone to get the achievement and well control two characters at once.

There are achievements and the majority of them get unlocked the instant you start Fidget Spinner Simulator. The others I had no interest to unlock or “achieve.” The other achievements are play for 3,000 hours or at least have it open for that amount of time. Is it worth your time to spend more time in game than the developer spent making the game? One of the achievements can only be unlocked if you purchase the $50 DLC. While everything goes on sale, $50 is a bit much.

Something else to take note of is the fact that somehow, some way the game’s file size is 666 MB. This is a fact and that alone for this particular game is a spectacular coincidence. As if it was either dumb luck or effort got put into the game to make it 666 MB.

In the end, its up to you to decide if Fidget Spinner Simulator is a joke, a dull and empty game or is it something different?

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