Which Bad Box Art should I make a Video Game Out Of?

Over on GameJolt there is a BadBoxArt game jam for later this month. Here is the link to the art: http://jams.gamejolt.io/badboxart/gallery-of-trash

Take a look and post what game you’d like to see me make based on the bad box art. Let me hear it in the comments! The game has to be based on the box art rather than the actual game. So if the box art has a pink unicorn on it, but the game is Super Mario Bros… that means you can make a game with a pink unicorn.

There are a lot of ideas bouncing around in my head for them all. That’s the problem… narrowing it down. No promises if it will be good or bad since its only a 48 hour game jam. Plus I usually hire someone else to do the art.

It is odd that the jam would announce what you’re doing so far ahead of time. It gives people a 20 day head start if they want it.

I have made quite a variety of styles with the games I’ve made. I was victorious in the only other game jam I participated in… out of two entries.

It would have been nice to have Mega Man’s first NES box art up there, but oh well. It must be too famous to be bad.


One thought on “Which Bad Box Art should I make a Video Game Out Of?

  1. I’d say this one: https://deadendsolutions.files.wordpress.com/2015/12/tumblr_mj7h8jjqke1rtobu5o1_500.png?w=370&h=&crop=1. Its weird of course, but looks like it gives a good theme to build the game around compared to some that might limit what you can really work with. A lot of those look like good candidates though.

    I have actually been working on a post about the worst video game box art, so this provides some inspiration. Good luck in the game jam!


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