Turbo Pug Steam PC Review

Turbo Pug is a 2D, one dimensional forever runner that has you jumping over pits and spikes across a single level. You keep running forward until you fall into a pit or hit an object. This is a game that lives and dies by how addictive you are to clicking your mouse and its cheap one dollar price tag. After about five minutes in, I felt like I had seen everything. At fifteen minutes I had unlocked the twelve playable characters. Its worth a dollar, but if you’re looking for something deeper than a mobile game on your computer, then look elsewhere.

The game does have a few things going for it: graphics and charm. The charm of a goofy little pug and unlockable chocolate pugs, rainbow pugs, cats, space cats and Santa hats adds a lot to a baron and starved game. The graphics have a great style and it fits that retro style. To make things more interesting, the day and night will cycle, and you’ll see rain or snow happen. Its all random so it feels like the single level is dynamic and changing.

This single level throws patterns at you. One pattern has ramps and two boxes, another has two pits, there’s one with a large pit and two floating boxes. Later patterns start having giant spikes and saw blades. The saw blades are dark, so seeing them at night becomes an issue. I will guess there are a mere ten or so patterns.


The control is simple; mouse click or use the space bar to jump. The space bar is less strain on your wrist, but then if you fail, you still need to use the mouse anyway to click play again. It would just be nice to have a keyboard work the menu, but why do that when you can throw a game out the door and make money? There is no support for controllers, which is never an issue, but with a game as sparse as this, its tough to think of anything to say to fluff out a review.

Every frame that you stay alive, you get a point. Then there are pug pellets for lack of a better term where then you get either fifty or one hundred points. Oh my! Puggles getting pellets getting points. Yes you is. Who’s a good pug wagging his tongue while he runs? You is!

With each failure, you see your points, your high score and your overall accumulation of points. I assume the overall points unlock pugs, because the game never told me I had unlocked anything. To the game’s credit, each of the playable animals does feel just a bit different. It seems like the lunar kitty has less gravity and other animals seem to run faster. Without a description of how they’re different, you just need to play. I prefer the default two pugs that the game comes with to any that get unlocked.

To keep you in the game there’s a leader board, but that’s it. The game could have had more leader board integration such as challenge your friends or even online multiplayer where you compete on the same course. When someone loses you keep going and they drop out.

As I ran, I noticed a few glitches here and there. Nothing game breaking, but sometimes the hill terrain has a line. I’ve also noticed seems between the background where the background loops.

Turbo Pug is a game that kept me occupied for a good ten minutes. There are better games out there that do the same thing, but Turbo Pug just looks better and has a better flavor than other forever runners. Its too simple to be played on anything but a phone when you’re waiting for something else, but hey its still fun.

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