3DRPG Steam PC Review

3DRPG is a game that sells itself with its voxel art style, but in terms of fun its flat, basic and empty. It’s ready to live and die by that voxel art style so much that its encompassed as generic name as it could. 3DRPG what’s it about? Its about 3D and RPG! It may look like another game with the same art style, but rather than playing like an adventure with real time combat and puzzles,  3DRPG is a traditional role playing game played out on a flat surface with turn based battles. If you are expecting a game where you build things with mini cubes or fight against enemies in real time, avoid this game. Everything that may look like a real time battle is just a different camera angle during combat.

When the game begins, its revealed that you’re a lost soul, an imp on its way to damnation until you remember your name and who you are. By this I mean make your character. Give yourself hair, an eye color, shirt color, gender and so on. Then you pick a class, a weapon and assign your stats. Once you make your character, you’re given the choice of a plot in order to stay out of the infernal pits. From the start there are two plots unlocked which are kill someone or get someone to take your place. The game seems to play out the same with either selection.

From there, the game is devoid of story, plot or quests. You’re just plopped down in a generated town in a random generated world. Townspeople give you hints on how to play and if asked for directions, they tell you where your destination is such as a town to the northeast, but never reference names or quests. You can also ask any towns person to join your party with a starting limit of two. In town you can buy weapons, armor and items. If you leave town and return, a new town map is generated for you.

Your player can move in 360 degrees, but the camera is limited to four directions: north, south, east and west. You can go into a first person aim mode that lets you look any which way, but takes away your ability to walk.


Outside of town, is a world map where you move square to square in a cumbersome fashion. Normal games would let you move left and right, just keep moving. This game is a square by square basis. First you chose right, then move, then a selection pops up if you’d like to hunt for food, go treasure hunting or mining depending what type of terrain you’re on. Each move on the map costs food depending on the terrain. Treasure hunting and mining cost food as well.

Hunting for food, costs no food. Here you’re just dumped into a random map and given a bow and a fishing pole. You can either go fishing in a river or hunt down animals with a cumbersome control scheme where you take on a first person view and then rotate your way around to shoot bunnies, chickens and other things. When you’re in first person view with a bow, you can only turn and aim. There’s no way to walk forward. Other than killing things for food, you can find random plants to eat that are hovering above the surface.

Searching for treasure is awful because its this giant, empty flat surface of a three dimensional map that has you looking for three small boxes. So its a three dimensional game with flat maps that have a rock formation here or there. It becomes quite an unenviable chore to scour an uninteresting flat surface for more than five minutes. Where are the real dungeons and environments? The towns manage to have buildings and trees, but the random generation just lacks something that was designed to be fun.

I managed a few times to get stuck after walking over water, beyond town fences and getting wedged between a rock and a tree. The game lets you exit a map at any time and back to the world map.

Scavenging the land, killing things and so on will reward you with leather, gold, wood and food. With these items you can craft them into weapons, armor and potions. You can cook raw food into edible food. All crafting recopies are laid out easy. There’s no guess work, just a system of menus. Select the type of thing you want to create between weapon, armor and item, select what you want to make and then what you want to make it out of. You see everything, there is no guesswork. The menu itself could be smoother.

Unlike hunting, when you’re searching for treasure you’ll see slimes on the map. Touching a slime sends you into combat! However, battles can occur at random, but they are rare. You can also be ambushed with a battle on the world map as well.

Combat is turn based like most other role playing games. There is a twist though, because your attacks are timing based. One square pops up on screen while another square moves toward the first. When they meet up you need to push a button to determine if you hit or miss. I managed to glitch the game where after a few battles, the prompt would never show up. When the squares were about to touch, it would just register as a miss with no opportunity to allow me to attack.


Each attack used costs action points. So attacking is an action. Once you run low, you’ll need to defend or standby which replenishes your action points. The game only allows you to flee one battle per day, but once I fled one battle the game never let me flee again. That’s an issue that can be sorted out.

The combat is just dull and shallow reliant on tedium of a mini game that makes you push a button. This makes every battle tiresome because there are other timing mini games that are more engaging than 3DRPG, but from a role playing game. I want combat to be a deeper game of chess.

You get to see the enemy health and skill points along with who is ready to attack. Its a good system that shows you everything, but the big issue is how awkward the fight menu is and that sums up the game as a whole. To select an attack, its up or down on the directional pad. To cycle through attack, flee and item its the bumpers on the controller. Once you’ve selected an attack, chose who to use it on by using the left and right arrows. It feels so alien. Controlling the camera with the bumpers also feels so alien too. Maybe this game was designed for a Super Nintendo controller with modern technology.


I should also point out this game’s minimum requirements are above Skyrim’s requirements. That seems crazy for a game that’s under 500 MB. I’m also curious what this game would get for an age rating considering there’s a lot of blood when enemies die.

After the pummeling I’ve given to this game, I’d like to see something better with the art style. It just feels so hollow. You need to want to play it, but it does nothing to make me want to play it. There’s no story, no quests, you just keep finding your own entertainment and when a game makes me find my own entertainment, that opens me up to the idea that other games are more entertaining than this.

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