Endorlight Steam PC Review

Endorlight is a 2D retro-style rogue like platformer with broken controls that make the game literally unplayable. While the game is still in what it calls its alpha stage, its still a released product for money and a game this broken is a giant issue even if it can be fixed at a later time. An early release with this many problems can kill a game to the point that the developer might as well scrap this and start a new game.

To cover the game quick, you’re put into a giant side-scrolling map that you need to platform and fight your way to the exit door. Each map is different and generated for you. Its a formula that’s been done before and cloned before. In fact Endorlight uses a rogue-like platformer engine that does nothing to set itself apart from the out-of-the-box game engine.


The game has that retro-style old school charm with good chiptune music and a great art style. That’s why this game is such a big disappointment. I want to play it, even if its someone else’s work, yet its unplayable in its current state.

So what’s wrong with the controls? Every few seconds the game forgets your controls or nothing responds for another few seconds. Its as if the controls have just turned off. I can alt + tab out of the game and the keyboard still works. When I hop back into the game, the controls are non functional until it decides to let me play.

There are controls for jump, enter, shoot and melee, but it seems like shoot is the melee… only for a while though. Then the game changes its mind and lets the shoot be the shoot button again. Its baffling why this is such an issue and it hinders any sort of enjoyment out of the game.

On top of that there are rewindable keys, which is great, but each time you go to rebind them its forgotten what all my keys are. Oh and the cherry on the sundae is the fact that getting out of the menu requires you to restart the game. You’ll get a new level generated for you and its just a frustration. Endorlight has two player support, but only keyboard controls for one player, and no keyboard or mouse support, so figure out how to control the second player.

When you do get control of your character, the jump is springy. Hold down the jump button and watch your character leap over and over again. These jumps are quick and the game plays a little too fast. You can scale a wall with your wall jumping ability, assuming the controls work. The melee attack can go through a wall and out the other side to hurt an enemy.

Death kicks you back to the menu. Since this game is in its alpha stage, there’s just nothing here outside of a hand open willing to take your money. Do you believe in this game enough to give your money based on the great look, good sound and potential to have fun? A look that this developer bought from a pre-made engine; someone else’s hard work and stuck it on Steam.

Endorlight has potential, but this cake needed more time in the oven rather than putting frosting on batter. Even with the game’s cheap price, avoid the risk of buying it until the developer makes the right updates to even play the game.

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