12 Months of My WordPress Stats

Hopefully someone out there will find it interesting. Its been a full year here on WordPress reviewing games on and off. I’ve imported fifteen years worth of my reviews on other websites.

First, let’s look at the month by month stats. A sad part about WordPress is there’s no way to go back to January 2015, you need to start where they tell you to.


As you can see there was a steady climb from January up to April which is when I had the most activity. I was getting review copies of games and fun stuff like that. Then in May it felt like work so I abandoned the site until September. As you can see, the stats took a hit, but it remained consistent. Even when I returned it was still consistent, but there were no review copies given to me.

I dare say that review copies or even fresh new games no matter how obscure they are will get you the stats. Perhaps that’s just the game developers, publishers and distributors looking at the reviews internally.


From there, here are the page breakdowns of the most viewed pages. It looks like my one off of developing a Grand Theft Auto clone for Unreal 4 garnered a lot of hits and still does. I would say that’s incentive to keep creating it, but I’ve moved on to a long term project.

After that its three top ten lists. Proof that any top ten list still works to get those views. There are other top lists, but they’re top six lists and who searches for those? No one searched for my list of Top 10 Mighty Mortal Kombat Men, instead they went for Top 10 Femme Fatales of Mortal Kombat.

Project Smallbot was a real hero in terms of stats and only a few months ago I found out why. The link to the review was posted in a Steam forum. Other developers have posted links to my reviews on their Steam or Desura pages, but there are far less clicks when the pages themselves contain a lot of reviews.

About Me garnered a lot of views. I assume from developers and random wanderers wanting to do their research about someone with 700+ reviews spanning fifteen years.

Eye of the Swarm charged in with a lot of hits in the span of a weekend and since then, nothing to speak of. After researching why, it looked to be a popular review among a university, but only for that weekend. I also managed to win a copy of a game for the coverage, but I never claimed my prize so I hope someone else is making good use of it.

Not Without My Donuts, Out There: Omega Edition, Finding Teddy 2 and Trekker: The Lost Glasses are all four games that I reviewed before they released on Steam. Proof that fresh games get views compared to even games that are a week out and everyone knows about. As soon as they were out for two days, the hits dropped.

I have a video for Commander Cool 2 on Youtube which I mention because when the game was released rather than Early Access, the video surged forward, while the review never got anymore hits. The game was out, reviews existed long before it was a full release.


Last is a bunch of miscellaneous information referees and clicks. Search results are so limited that they’re worthless to have. As for referrers and clicks, they came in via the WordPress Reader, Twitter, Facebook, Desura and Reddit. Each one of the articles is posted on Twitter and I go through followers and get new ones about three each day. I assume they’re bots wanting me to add them. The amount of click through from Twitter is pathetic.

The rare ones that show results are as I’ve said before, Facebook and Reddit. To my knowledge two people posted my reviews on Reddit and that was effective for getting traffic. Facebook too was effective and that’s because people use Facebook and care about content, rather than Twitter which is just spam. I’ve never posted anything on Facebook its all from people posting my reviews.

Clicks from Desura and Steam are logical with Desura more so than Steam, because a lot of the games I’d review from Desura had no reviews. Plus several games on Desura took longer to reach Steam.

In conclusion, as previous I’ve indicated with previous articles on WordPress and stats, go for new games, get review copies and make sure to be on Facebook. Aim for top ten lists, no matter how cheap they are. Do you want the stats or not?

4 thoughts on “12 Months of My WordPress Stats

  1. As always, I really enjoy seeing these breakdowns you do. I’ve found that Reddit is really a big source of views even if doesn’t get the up votes on Reddit itself. I may try to go for some review copies in the future just to have fun with the process, but I think I need some more actual review posts before they’ll take a chance.


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