Monster Swipe PC Review

Monster Swipe is a casual click and swipe game with a lot of charm that makes it feel like Halloween is approaching. The object is simple, swipe three or more of the same faces in a row. When you swipe a chain, then those faces disappear and new ones drop down. Its a tried and true formula and Monster Swipe does it well with a lot of frills such as bombs and arrows that clear a row or column. The only problem is that its on a website rather than being a game on a mobile phone.

It has an adorable aesthetic of cutesy monster faces and children in cat costumes. Each puzzle has you going for a specific score to beat within a time limit shown at the bottom of the screen. As the clock ticks down to the final three seconds, you see the number, so its time to rush out a chain as quick as you can.  Once you surpass each level’s score to unlock the next puzzle. The game is fun, but after a lot of tries, I could never make it past the fifth level even using that level’s random bonus faces.


Clicking and dragging is done efficiently by hovering your mouse over each adjacent character. There were some issues here and there in situations where there are a cluster of several similar faces and you want to go diagonal without going horizontal or vertical. To maximize your score, you need to get every face you can in a string and this can trip you up.

As you progress, the game throws different silly faces at you to make it more challenging so there’s no way to keep stacking a screen full of pink monsters. The game will slowly introduce new mechanics. At first its a simple how to swipe by clicking and dragging your mouse. Then its using rainbow boosters to link two different types of monsters. They can become useless if they’re trapped in a corner. Otherwise you can link two big chains together. These frills add depth to a game that could have just been about swiping things.

After each level, you’re shown your score and given the opportunity to submit your score. When I clicked on the button it never worked. Perhaps in the future it will. You will also earn coins that you can use to purchase boosters before each level. This is a bit of a gamble that I never want any part of. At least these are in game coins instead of real money. The boosters will increase the drop rate of whatever you choose: bombs, rainbows and arrows.

In the background there is some dreamy harp music that is subtle enough to keep you focused on the game itself without stressing you out. Its a humble game, but well worth anyone’s time to play. The simple, yet beautiful art style is effective to make it a game that I want to play.

With the game being on someone’s website, its unable to remember who you are, your high scores and so on. Its also far less likely I’ll even remember that it exists without it being in my library of games. If it was available on a mobile device I can recommend it more, but the resolution seems a bit square for a cell phone.

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