Enough is Enough GameJolt Review

If you’re into simple bare bones 2D side scrolling challenge platformers, Enough is Enough, still isn’t enough. You’re forced get to each one screen room’s exit as you jump over spikes and dodge saw blades. You play as a nameless stick figure with the hit box of a barge, which is never good for dodging saw blades or spikes. The worst offense is that the game is unbeatable due to the player having such a giant hit box that its impossible to drop through two narrow gaps needed to complete a specific level.

Enough is Enough commits a lot of game design sins. There is no story, no options, no menu in game, no controller support and no way out of this series of challenges. Common keys such as escape, m for menu and even alt + F4 will not let you out of the game. I needed to alt + tab out and then close the program through other means.


It plays like a lot of other similar games, left and right arrows to move, a double jump if you press the up button, which I never care for, but I suppose its easy enough to compensate. Your legs still run while you’re in the air. When you land you immediately jump if you’re still pressing the up key. Its easy to get from platform to platform, but avoiding giant saw blades is tough and several time I died while being no where near them.

From jumps, to spikes, to saw blades, the game keeps evolving its hazards until the guns. These guns move slow, shoot slow projectiles and they’re deadly if you touch them. Each death drops you back in the room, so if you die from a gun, chances are you can drop right into its bullet when you spawn again. Most bullets are dangerous because they’re fast. These are so slow and big they could be platforms. Perhaps later in the game they are, but I’ll never get that far.

Another thing that the game includes is its name over each room. I recall this was a trend back in the Atari era that was phased out. There are statistics if you click the game’s logo. It always starts you off with one point for reflexes; whatever that means. The huge problem with taking a look at the statistics is that it kicks you back to the main menu and eliminates your progress. A fatal flaw with any game.

The game keeps track of your rooms and deaths with no way to save your progress. With a game like this a timer would also be wise as well as par times and your best times. I would say online leader boards, but let’s just get to the next step rather than shooting for the stars.

As for the music, its a quick loop and you’ll know where the loop ends. Luckily you can turn off the music at any time on the game’s screen itself. The statistics also has its own music and while the loop might be generic, its end is far less noticable.

I’d also like to thank Emmanouil for giving me a copy of the game to review. I did enjoy it for its simplicity even if its marred with flaws. Everything is a learning experience and testing your game from start to finish before its released is always a help.

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