InnerCube Steam Review

InnerCube is a puzzle game that has you rolling a cube with six different colors to match the colored tiles on the floor to clear each of the game’s more than one hundred levels. It plays simple with the arrow keys and starts out easy enough. Before you know it, you’ll have to roll your cube in circles to flip to the correct side to mash down the colored tiles. Each puzzle has its own floor that provides both challenge and constriction.

Its a simple, fun, engaging, soothing and relaxing game all rolled into one. Completing each puzzle makes me want to play another. You have no time limit, but the game keeps track of how many moves you’ve taken. Each section of the game is broken into fifteen puzzles. To get to the next segment, you’ll need to achieve gold status or perfect in five or more puzzles. In other words, there’s both replay value and forced replays here.


There’s more than strict puzzles here, the game has its own survival mode where colored tiles keep appearing on a big grid. The tiles keep appearing and soon you’ll be restricted and stuck without a move to make. This mode has a bomb that will go off if you take too long, but the problem I ran into is you can get stuck long before the bomb goes off. In fact I think there might be a glitch with the bomb. The timer stops being a threat at all. So I ended up stuck with only the menu to quit the mode as my only salvation.

Some of the puzzles you can overthink and its a matter of finding the optimal route to cover the highlighted tiles. You will also find solid colored tiles strewn about certain puzzles. These too require you to roll over them with the correct color of your cube, but they are only a mere barrier or distraction rather than a way to complete the puzzle. You’ll see them more in the survival mode.

The background looks beautiful. Its a simple, elegant and colorful in design. The game music is soothing to keep you focused and the menus have more pep to them encouraging you to move along and find a puzzle to play. The more moves you take, the more gray the background will become. There’s a nice futuristic voice to congratulate you at the end of each level and she tells you what you’ve earned or unlocked as well.

The game keeps track of your personal bests for each level along with your score and it gives you quick tips in the earlier puzzles. One puzzle leads to the next in concession without having to return to any menu. It keeps a good flow to the game even if it could be streamlined even more. You still get the choice to replay the level, go to the next or return to the menu.

One complaint that I have about the game is the controls are relegated to the keys, which is fine, but the menus require you to use your mouse. While having the mouse is still a good option, each menu item should be accessible via the keyboard as well. Another issue is the fixed camera so you can only see three sides of your cube, but hey that’s part of the challenge. Knowing what’s on the other side.

I’d also like to thank someone for my review copy. Who it is I’ll never know.

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