WordPress is its Own Game [Nine Months of Stats and SEO Analysis]

I fell off the WordPress wagon for four months after being on it for four months before that. Now that I’ve been back for a month, stats are relatively the same. Even with new content and likes, it still maintains an average of 1,000 views from 450 people. Taking that four month hiatus has made me a better reviewer and writer. I now avoid the word not. There are so many other words than the word not. Nothing, rather, and antonyms like fast for slow.


While I make my blog available in the feed to anyone that wants to read or like it, all my traffic seems to come from Google. Its interesting because at first during the original four months, my blog struggled to get on Google’s good side. All the hits came from Bing or Yahoo, which are one in the same now. Odd that Yahoo would now be served by Bing’s engine, but whatever. I still prefer Bing and Yahoo’s search from a statistical perspective because they show the keywords used to find my site.


As for the pages people look at, the homepage and a game design article that I threw together. I might have to do more game design articles, because I do program for games, but I opt to avoid talking about them. The reviews are going no where though, but I do get offers from time to time to review for other websites. Game developers, publicists and publishers still send me their games even if I never review them.


There are just too many games to review with too little reward if its the design articles, top tens and anomalies that get the views from Google. An hour spent on a 1,450 word review on top of a few hours playing a game. Its legitimate work when I should just crank out a let’s play and call it a day.

2 thoughts on “WordPress is its Own Game [Nine Months of Stats and SEO Analysis]

  1. I really enjoy this series of posts you’ve done (as well as the reviews of course!). Having a new blog, I haven’t really been sure how to grow views and visitors. Do you have any advice on what has been successful for you? How do you think you got Google to start sending you hits? It also looks like you have quite an international audience, which is really neat.


    1. It sure isn’t Twitter. Everybody retweets or likes, but according to WordPress no one clicks. I’ve done other articles about how Facebook and Reddit are the way to go when it comes to getting people to click through.

      I think the real success for me is just having 15 years worth of reviews from Amazon. I just copy and paste here and Google does the rest. Everyone finds the site via random searches for games I reviewed 13 years ago. I guess someone searches for Spy Hunter GameBoy and my review for Spy Hunter GameBoy Advance shows up.

      Part of it could be that Google translates the pages, so maybe there aren’t that many Malaysian reviews of Marble Madness for GameBoy Color 🙂

      Sadly Google never shows the keywords anymore. Bing and Yahoo show keywords but well they’re non existent in my stats now.


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