Time Ramesside Steam Review in 2015

Its rare when I get to review a game five times in the span of two years, but Time Ramesside continues to be one the most absurd oddity I’ve ever come across. Time Ramesside is a horrible first person shooter first and foremost, but each and every iteration is different. Every update has a new start level and after spending more than twelve hours in the game and making extensive bug reports to the developers, I’ve still never once completed any of the dozen first levels that I’ve played.

This version is completely different than the last version I played two months ago. The game has been completed and finished for half a year now, but it continues to be worked on. Time Ramesside has gotten better yes, but for every step forward it takes a huge leap back and breaks its legs. Now that the game is finished its been announced this was only the first episode. I have a feeling that’s their way of cutting the game into thirds without finishing it.


The last version I played started me off with an extremely long cut scene after another cut scene and on top of that was another cut scene. My player fell out of a small prison bus and made his way into a prison dodging cameras that would close the doors if he was spotted. Its odd that trying to get into a prison would close giant gates, but whatever. Why question the logic? The structures hovered above ground, but nothing was as bad as the spawning arachnids that could kill the player easy and spawn in right on top of him.

Oh but this current update has you in front of a prison on a bridge, but now its a warmer setting. The ground is covered with shallow pools of water and there is grass overtaking everything. Its abandon except for the flesh less zombies inside.the yard. These zombies spawn in mid air on top of one another so one can be hovering over a cluster of other zombies. This is nothing new. The animations look strange and stiff, but I suppose its better than the T pose they originally had.

That’s one of the downfalls of releasing a game too early to the public. We get a chance to remember and sour future reviews. The developers would listen to constructive feedback and act like they’d do something about it, but at the end of the day when they put “resolved” on a bug in the forum it was never resolved so much as acknowledged yes this is a bug.

The controls are awful. Rather than typical strafe with the left and right, you’re forced to turn with the left and right as if its the mid nineties all over again. Its quite a tease having rebindable keys that save, but you’re still stuck with the default control scheme. There are also two different sections to rebind your keys when there only needs to be one. That’s how flawed the game is when there are so many problems with the menus.

As you walk on the long bridge from a wrecked semmi into the prison you’re greeted with floating text blurbs instructing you how to play. How to pick up weapons, use spells and hop into a wormhole for health. It just looks awkward having the floating prompts light signs rather than on your heads up display. This heads up display I should mention looks a lot better than it did before, which originally was drawn text and ugly simple shapes.

As a game, Time Ramesside is just dull. There are zombies and arachnids to shoot, but the real game here is playing spot the issues. Such as weapons to pick up that have blue boxes around them, but the blue boxes are facing a different way than the weapon. Tires that are in pavement and walls that hover in the air. There are also invisible walls blocking obvious doorways.

One plus is that the needlessly long cut scenes have been removed. Perhaps they were just moved further into the game. I’d much rather have a game to play than get lost in the cut scenes.

Time Ramesside is also a game known for its stock assets and I have no problem with that, but just make a good game to compensate for it. You can make something good, get money for it and then add custom models, textures and everything afterward. All I want is an enjoyable game I can play, but this is at the bottom of the barrel. There is no program icon to the game and its still known as “shootergame-win-32-shipping.” That alone is a testament to the quality you’re getting.

Another thing that makes this game an unyielding beast is the file size compared to what you get with the game. Its just a far too huge game for the low quality of its assets. Even with the highest settings it looks sub par for the large file size. That’s the fault of the high quality engine though as is the texture pop in. When larger developers struggle with the same thing its tough to hold that against Time Ramesside.

I’ve seen this project for far too long and while it has gotten marginally better over the past six months, its still a horrible game. I doubt the developers have the talent to make it any better than it is. However, they do seem determined to keep pressing on, so that’s always a positive. The only catch now is they’re pressing on with the second episode of a game so bad it should be legendary if only it was better to be legendarily bad. Does that even make sense?

There’s no flair, passion or zest here. Even with a completed game it was still dead on arrival to an angry mob. A second episode will only yield the same results. The developers will make a great looking trailer of footage that I’ll be unable to find in the game when I play it.

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