Race-tember is almost over and soon I’ll make a top ten best and worst

With the month almost over, I intend to do two top ten lists for the best and worst racing games that I played in September. In late August, I decided to just download a bunch of low budget, low file size games from my vast Steam collection marked “racing.” I proceeded to download whatever was around 1 GB and under from my Steam library.

I may own them, but I know nothing about them and whatever I did know, I’ve forgotten. There were plenty of overhead racers, traditional racing games and even runners mixed in that are still considered racing. I’m surprised at just how high quality even the dirt cheap racing games are. Maybe racers are a tough sell just like those in the shmup genre or so I hear.

I have yet to play all of the games I downloaded let alone the bigger titlesl, but with the end of the month coming, I need to wrap everything up and get ready for Scare-tober. Hopefully someone will enjoy the two lists and its a chance for low budget and forgotten racing games to at least make it onto any top ten list.

Here are the candidates in alphabetical order:

  1. Bang Bang Racing (overhead)
  2. Bus Driver (traditional)
  3. Clutch (traditional)
  4. Crazy Taxi (traditional)
  5. Farm Machines Championship (traditional)
  6. Fireburst (traditional car combat)
  7. Ignite (traditional)
  8. Jet Car Stunts (traditional)
  9. Little Racers Street (traditional or overhead)
  10. Mini Motor Racing (overhead)
  11. Post Apocalyptic Mayhem (traditional car combat)
  12. Race the Sun (runner)
  13. Racer 8 (puzzle)
  14. Rage Runner (runner)
  15. Real World Racing (overhead)
  16. Spy Hunter GBA (traditional car combat)
  17. Street Racing Syndicate
  18. Taxi (traditional)
  19. T.E.C. 3001 (runner)
  20. World Truck Racing (traditional)
  21. Xpand Rally Xtreme (traditional)
  22. Zero Gear (traditional car combat)


3 thoughts on “Race-tember is almost over and soon I’ll make a top ten best and worst

    1. Thanks! I’m happy you’ve been following!

      I could keep going for more racing reviews. I just have so much on Steam and even off of Steam. They feel a lot easier to cover than scary games and they’re generally more engaging. Plus…. its tough to even find horror games around 1 GB or under even cheap indie stuff seems to be 2 GB or more.


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