World Truck Racing Steam Review

Move over Euro Truck Simulator, because there’s a new six wheeled menace tearing its way through the pristine roads of Europe! World Truck Racing brings you all the big excitement of a mobile racing game to the PC! You won’t find arcade action here, just straight up 8 monster machines challenging for number one across 15 events, spanning anywhere between 3 – 9 races in each event.

You are racing semis, big rigs, just the cabs, no cargo. Flat nose and long nose. The choice is up to you. The game plays easy, far too easy. Its all automatic transmission, no gear shifting, there isn’t even an option to make it manual. On a X-Box 360 controller, the left analog stick will steer, accelerate and brake all in one. So up is to accelerate, down is to brake. Its an easy system. There are keyboard controls too.


Each race takes place in an official closed track, much like F-1 with twists, turns, and flat terrain. There are a variety of tracks, but they all feel the same. Spectators near the finish line, walls everywhere else and a few things to drive under. There’s grass off to the side of the pavement and sand off most turns. The only real difference from track to track is the weather. Rain, sunshine and the dead of night. It makes it look different yes, but its still the same. Rain will make you skid and drive slower overall. I can’t say that night gives you limited visibility when a closed course is lit up.

The glaring thing missing from the game is presentation. Its not that the graphics aren’t top notch high quality, its the details. The menu is probably one of the most generic race menus that I’ve seen in several racing games. There’s no fanfare after a race. No cheers, no celebration, no lights, no glory. Instead a few seconds after the race finishes, a board just shows up telling you the rank. None of the scores carry over from race to race. The delay with this ladder makes me think why they don’t just have it instantly as you cross the finish line?

There are pit lanes on all these tracks that you can drive down, but there are no pit crews. With races being so short, there’s no reason to need a pit stop. No vehicles take or show damage so much as they can spin out or slam into a wall head on, then just drive backward and get back on the pavement.

You can select a truck in the garage, pick its color, tweak its brakes, acceleration and everything, but using the default load outs, I managed to snag first place through each race of several events. Of course it is still early, perhaps at event 15, it gets crazy tough and I need to be a real grease monkey to find the perfect combination for all those hair pin turns.

I can’t even say I’m that good at the game, because it feels like the opponents are just bad. When it comes to turns, they’ll often be in the grass, on the dirt or spinning out one another. Yet if I try to spin someone around by ramming the side of my cab against their back, nothing will happen. No effect. Heck, the game still has Unity’s default icon as its game icon.

Since I take the lead within the first turn or so from the back of the pack, I’m just stuck racing myself. The only challenge becomes shaving a second off my last lap. The game shows you how many seconds ahead or behind you are, but for 9 races, once I took the lead, no one could take it back from me, even if I went into the sand and had to start from first gear again.

When you select a race, you need to start it, then it will ask you to skip or start training. If you skip it, then you need to start the race again and get a new choice to skip or start the qualifying. If you chose skip, then you need to select to start a third time and then you can actually start the race. It feels like a few extra necessary steps.

What feels even stranger is the fact that sometimes there’s a glitch that won’t let me race in one that I’ve already competed in. So if I didn’t complete that race, I need to select to edit my rig, before I can enter the race and go through the three part, skip or start process all over again.

There are a few modes, the tour mode is the main one, profiles to see your racing career and race mode that needs to get unlocked. Its just the bare minimum I expect from a racing game. I wouldn’t mention the graphics options, but in these options I can select almost any resolution, such as my native 1360 x 768, but when I do, my monitor still tells me the game is 1024 x 768 resolution.

When you race, the on screen display shows your speed, time and lap. There’s no map showing you where anyone else is. You can change the camera angle from following your truck, to inside the cab, on the hood and hanging off the side. What’s a real shame is the mirrors do not show a reflection. The hood view is a little silly considering if you’re driving a flat nose rig, you still have a hood somehow.

As for the sound, you hear the same engine whir the entire 6+ minutes of each race. There’s a music loop in the menus, but that’s about it. This is clearly a budget title and there’s nothing wrong with that, I just wish it was more fun.

After watching the trailer, they make it look far more exciting than it is. Its really you alone for 6 minutes, because you’re so far in the lead. No challenge, no difficulty setting.

There’s just nothing keeping me in this game. There are so many better games out there that either offer more challenge, better driving or better graphics. There’s nothing wrong with a budget title, but outside of its “Truck Racing” gimmick, there’s just nothing here.

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