Clicker Heroes Steam Review

Do you like clicking on things while paying gold for upgrades so your clicks can be more effective? No? Yes? Well it doesn’t matter, because you don’t have to click anything. You can just have it open in the background and do nothing. You’ll still win. Clicker Heroes is a game with a beautiful art style, its just there’s not a lot going for it.


Killing enemies gives you gold, then you use the gold to buy upgrades to increase your damage. Your first “hero” does damage clicking. Everyone else does damage by doing nothing. Other heroes have critical percentage, gold drop increases and so on. Each hero has their own special skills to upgrade and by special skills, I mean 100% dps then 150 dps and so on.

Other characters have real skills to unlock like one that does 10 auto clicks per second for 30 seconds with a 10 minute cooldown. After my 24 hours with the game, I’ve unlocked maybe 5 skills that I can use outside of 100+ skills that improve dps.

It gives a false sense of achievement that makes it addictive. There is always something to upgrade to improve your damage per second, so you’re actually engaged enough like a monkey clicking buttons. Its brilliant, yet lazy.

The basis of it is simple, every level has 10 enemies you need to go through to unlock the next level. Wow 10 enemies, multiple heroes, it sounds awesome! I get a party of 50+ people at once, but you never see them. You buy them, but don’t see them fighting. There’s no danger. Sitting there will win… over time.

So here’s a story… I setup a second computer to only play this game. Then I set my mouse to do 30 clicks per second, then put a brick on it. So for each of my 30 auto clicks, that would be 30 clicks with your finger. Good luck trying to do 30 per second. Once I took the brick off the mouse, I’d have to wait a few minutes for the game to catch up with the clicks.

Even with the “small enemies” option to reduce the input lag, the game just can’t keep up with the clicks, but rest assured all of those clicks will happen, even if you accidentally have your mouse over one of the Reddit, Facebook or Twitter links. Imagine one browser having the same page open hundreds of times.

Every so often I’d upgrade things and take on bosses. 24 hours later, I’m on level 70 and looking at the game’s achievements there are 160+ levels. After investing 24 hours of cheating my way to level 70, I start to wonder what’s the point? You’re looking at a 60 hour game here that’s all clicking! Don’t want to click? Well it might be 120 hours. That’s just speculation though.

What’s that? You don’t have the time to spend 24 hours devoting a computer specifically to cheat on this poor excuse for a game? Well just sink real money into the game’s micro transactions and buy RANDOM upgrades. Wait wait…. so you have to pay for “rubies” to get anywhere? No in the 24 hours I “played” I managed to find 3 rubies. I think you need 30 rubies to buy anything. Its cool though. Think of the 24 hours of enjoyment that my 2nd computer had playing the game!

I’d look over to the computer and see it smile at me asking, “Are you having fun playing the game?” Then I’d reply from across the room, yes second computer, I am having fun playing, even if your monitor turned off a long time ago.

Every fifth level is a boss fight! Each boss fight gives you 30 seconds to defeat the boss or you lose and it resets with full health. If you didn’t beat him the first time, you won’t beat him the second time. So its back to the previous level to grind for 10 – 20 minutes. After level 60 that 20 minutes turns into 2 hours. That’s when it turns into an issue…. do I want to watch this game play itself or do I want to buy micro transaction rubies? What’s that there’s an option C called never play the game again? No it doesn’t work like that. You’ll “play” it and love it for its beautiful art style and dozens of thrilling characters that are just objects to spend gold on.

Once the game becomes an insurmountable grind, that’s why you can “ascend” to a new world where you’ll get to use however many hero souls you’ve collected in the current world. Ascending restarts you at level 1 again, but at least with the hero souls they do 10% extra damage per second… until you spend them.

The game offers tiers of artifacts, things like 5% more gold, 10% more treasure chests, 5 extra seconds on the boss timer and stuff like that. Once you’ve bought them you can then level them up with more hero souls, so before you know it you’re getting 100% more gold and your “clicker skill” lasts for 40 seconds instead of 30. You can even spend your hero souls on an artifact that makes every hero soul you spend on it worth 11% damage.

How do you earn hero souls to use on your next ascension? Bosses over level 100 are randomly primal bosses or whatever they are called and they’ll give you a small amount of souls. Small like 1 – 5 hero souls in levels 100 – 200. Again, its random, but even if its random I feel like every other ascension gives you a lot more souls. You can also earn them for every 2,000 levels you’ve upgraded your characters. Its easy to do, 100 levels at a time sometimes.

On top of that, because the game is constantly updated, you get an item for each world usually after level 100. You can keep 4 of these items and need to junk any extra before you can ascend. These items do what the artifacts do, but on a scale that you cannot level up.

Avoid this game, its just a trap. Its a well made trap that looks pretty and almost sounds like a casino. Turn the sound off and its drastically less entertaining. Of course how entertaining is something that plays itself with only you pushing forward to beat a boss.

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