Adventure Capitalist Steam Review

Are you someone that loves clicking things and waiting to click some more? No? Yes? Well the answer is the same, hire managers to click for you. Don’t like playing this silly diversion? Well close the game and get your wealth when you come back. Why? Because it’s easy. We can all click things and wait for them. It gives a sense of accomplishment by doing virtually nothing.

You’ll see numbers grow and meters fill up. Its like a consistent casino of win.


What’s that you don’t want to wait to have trillions of dollars? Well buy into the game’s micro transactions. A bare bones, free game has to pay for itself somehow. What you don’t like watching developers of easy games with no fancy programming starve to death on the street? Well then you’ll pay! Its the American way! Find the easiest way to make that real life money by giving free games and hope someone is stupid enough to pay for micro transactions in a stupidly easy game.

You don’t beat the game so much as continue in an endless looping grind. When you’ve unlocked and amassed everything, you can start all over again from scratch, but you can unlock angel investors to make 2% more money for you. Trust me its totally worth it like the game says. Otherwise you’ll be sitting there forever trying to amass a fortune when you can just give away your fortune for an angel investor. See give everything away to get more. Just like you buy upgrades for your businesses so they make more money. Spend to make more.

If you’re saying but fella, how is this a bad game when you have 5+ hours in it? That’s because I can just leave it open and walk away or go to sleep. Well you can have it closed and it still works. I didn’t find that out until a few hours in. Now its the easy way to play…. by not playing.

You want to play this game don’t you. Its free. You’ll play it. Come on! It looks awesome. Like a 1950s / retro style Fallout art style. Its easy on the eyes and you’ll love not playing this game. Sure other games are free like DOTA 2 and TF2, but they require time and skill to accomplish something. Adventure Capitalist is just all sorts of win. You can’t lose!

The 3 year old in you that just wants to push buttons wants to play this game. You have known a dog somewhere that can muster up the skill and know how to master AdVenture Capitalist. Just do it. Come on fall into the trap.

Only a communist or a developer would down vote this review.

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