My Week in Games [4/9/2015 – 4/15/2015] Out There, Curse of the Immortals, Eron, Holy Ship, Eryi’s Action and more

I ended up getting into game video recording this week and determined that I need to get a better microphone. Then I started to think why do I want to bother investing money into something that’s not paid? So that took a lot my game playing time, because Youtube is painfully slow, but I still managed to get in 9 games and half a dozen old games that I won’t add here. My stats have taken a giant hit. Google keeps drawing people in, but I think that I’ve bottomed out, which is odd after having such high visits for the past few weeks. perhaps WordPress fixed a glitch that counted a visit every time you scroll down the homepage.

Its also interesting that Finding Teddy 2 and Out There: Omega Edition are still getting visitors well after their prime buzz. Neither developer retweeted either review. Well I take that back, Omega Edition got a retweet, but then it was deleted five minutes later. Perhaps the developer didn’t like what I had to say.


Its a very interesting game, a runner with only a jump button that relies on wall jumping. It twists the entire genre around and turns it into something that I actually want to play. The music and art design help a lot and it feels better to play than Bit Trip: Runner, even if its not as deep as that game. I haven’t gotten that far, which is why this game is first.


WordPress brings this game up for most 2D platformers and so I decided to endure it and play it again. Its still just as awful as I remember, not because its a bad game, but its intentionally terrible level design. In a way its strange how games like this and Battletoads can be so bad and difficulty, yet still be considered great games. Looking at the achievements on Steam is very telling. The people hyping how great it is only manage to not have any achievements, so I always wonder if its just idiots trolling to con people into buying Eryi’s Action. I will now have three reviews of Eryi’s Action on the site. The first from Desura and the second from Steam. Since I already have two reviews, there’s no real need to make the third one a priority on the site.


With Mortal Kombat X coming out, I decided to play this. Its still as awesome as ever and I have the arcade version on so many platforms. After 20 years there’s just not that much to say anymore about it. Stats wise, it proved that not only is there nothing much to say, but no one wants to read it. At least my Top 10 Femme Fatales in Mortal Kombat went far, but I wonder if a Top 10 Mighty Males will do just as well. I went back and improved some of my old lazy reviews for Mortal Kombat Advance, Mortal Kombat Arcade Collection and the SNES port of the original Mortal Kombat. Realistically, I probably should consider them new reviews, but Mortal Kombat 2 Arcade‘s proves that no one would read it anyway.


In the past, I’ve only played one Worms game, but it was in a modern age that just didn’t play older games very well. So after I saw a Steam friend playing it quite a lot, I decided to give it a try. I love and laugh at it both at the same time. Its got stupid turn based strategy and a lot of glitches to content with. Its odd how many imperfections that it has such as rockets that hit things that are the slightest bit in the way. Grenades will fly through enemy worms, but bounce off mine if not detonate on me immediately. Its a hilarious game for all the wrong reasons.


I really like this game, even if I would much prefer a dual stick shooter. Its just odd using a mouse and keyboard to play an Asteroids style game. Its got a lot of depth, but the real problem is how cheap it looks. Its fun, its got a lot of enemy diversity and variety between space ships and perks, but the cheap look is a turn off. Its a cheap game price wise, but it doesn’t have to look that way. Read the full review


Well this was a tricky game that requires precision and ability to guess what the developer was thinking, because there’s no help. Its a difficult game let alone when you’re trying to guess what you’re supposed to do. The game actually gets easier as you go along, at least it did for me, but that first hour was abysmal. I hate to give it a bad review because the game looks and sounds so good. I think while we all love things that play well and claim its about the game, not the graphics, the graphics are still a huge part of what makes a game playable and “good.” Read the full review



Speaking of graphics and hard games, Ted by Dawn doesn’t look good, but it doesn’t look cheap either. It has a style, it plays really nice and fun, but its hard. Yet I think when people take one look at it and compare it to Eron, 95% of people will pick Eron. Its that clean aesthetic while Ted by Dawn is dirty, gritty and pixelated, three things that don’t necessarily work together, but Ted By Dawn almost does it in a masterful way. Its got a stage select when you get stuck, but more importantly its just a fun game with a sense of humor that works. I’ve had to play a heap of Game Maker platformers and Ted is probably the best. Read the full review


I’ve played this on and off, but I get stuck every so often. Luckily the developer is no longer missing my emails and let me know there’s a guide…. in a .exe file. Its just odd that a .pdf would be in a .exe. It just sets off all sorts of red flags, like why not just have it online? Why not make a html version out of it so people can look it up and see things? I reviewed the game sometime this week, but to be honest its a 5 year old game, so its not a priority to just shovel out. Instead it sits in a bin with Dustforce DX and some other vertical shooter from three weeks ago.

Playing the game I suffered a sort of ill fate, my interest just fell off a cliff. I love it and its a joy to play, but after 6 hours in, I felt like there was nothing keeping me here. I never got into any of the characters or the story and those are a must have with a RPG. It was the game’s fun puzzles and combat that kept me in and after 6 hours I’ve had my fill so its time to move on.


I went back to this game again, mostly because I’m watching Deep Space 9’s second season and my interest fell right off a cliff. I found this to be more entertaining than what I was watching. Its a simple game that you can play while doing anything else. A sort of go at your own pace and that’s just what I did here. While I feel like I’m making more progress, I just don’t feel like I’m getting further. Does that make sense? I’ll get a wormhole generator or something that lets me cross the starless gap, but I perish before its of any use to me. Read the full review

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