WordPress is its Own Game [Three Months of Stats]

The week before this was really three months, but I decided to wait until the end of the month before evaluating things. A new month just makes it so much easier to look over things. To my surprise, I broke into one thousand views in one week. Views being different than visitors. As I said in my last article, I believe its all in the homepage and theme that improved these stats. Humans can find what they’re looking for and its more than my homepage stats that have gone up. My search results have gone up.


I’ve noticed over the past two weeks that Yahoo and Bing searches no longer show up. Google searches have never shown up past 2013 now that they encrypt their searches. perhaps Bing and Yahoo do as well, but WordPress has yet to catch up to them. 130 search results came from three or four search engines, but I think the problem is a lot of spam bots use search engines to find a WordPress site and start littering it. I’ve got several for my Dead Space 2 blogs and a few that were blocked on my “Why Steam Boxes Won’t Succeed.” Nevertheless, they are still counted.

With over 1,000 views in one week, I managed to get 2,300+ views in this month alone. There are now 160 subscribers and my twitter has stabilized at 12 followers but I always laugh at how many I gain and lose in a week. I had 60+ articles published. I’d say 40 or more of those were reviews. Its shocking that I can keep up the pace and still have a full time job. Judging from the stats, the first thing people look at is the about me section, then they drift off to my review of Kung Fu for the NES. Maybe that’s the familiar game or people feel like it could be a video game version of the old television series.

Super Chain Crusher Horizon is the top indie review stats wise and its proof that Twitter and a developer can really push something. Dealight scored abnormally high, but I think that could be from people giggling how Dying Light must have been misspelled. I’ve really pushed the games so indie they’re not even on Steam and in return I’m sure those developers pushed the reviews. Even the developers I never told about the reviews. I wonder how Youtube reviews fare with such games. Video reviews are all in a given language, while WordPress can be translated.

After those it goes to Fall of the Foot Clan, Contra, F-Zero and Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 which is probably the oldest review people still frequent.. According to the stats, Bloom and Egg in the Air are the most popular indie game reviews that I have. Its a shock considering both are so indie that Steam doesn’t have them and probably never will. Egg in the Air is a complete advertisement and not that fun of a game in general.

With all of this said, all of these reviews overlap months. So its not all that accurate. Egg in the Air was written in February and it still maintains a good rank on my site. Maybe its from the publicity of it being a game to advertize how the developer can make you money? I have no idea.

My reviews on Steam still get far more up votes than these pages get views. Steam just has millions of more people when WordPress is really in its own little bubble that’s unable to grow. I think the trending stuff on my side menu helps really bolster hits. When a 13 year old review was discovered by someone the hits kept going up and up when it had no right. So I blame the trend.

I’m happy that my little site continues to grow, even though I still let people use the reader. I thought it was starting to shrink at the beginning of the month, but that’s only because I had enabled the default template. Its good to be on the rebound.

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