Three Months of Not Spending Money on Video Games

My New Year’s Resolution was to not spend any money on video games and I’m three months into it now. Originally I was going to give monthly updates about what I wanted to buy, but didn’t and I just couldn’t force myself to write that much, so here I am now! Most people forget about their resolutions, but I’m still trudging through it and its getting easier as time goes on.

Before I get into things, let’s review the reason why I had a resolution to not spend money on video games. I have 1,100 Steam games, even if Steam says I have 1,200. I’m not sure what the real number is. At the time of the resolution, everyone was talking about their gaming resolutions and no one should have a resolution to be entertained. People turn video games into a chore if not a career and that’s not what they’re supposed to be.


The first month was pretty tough, because after everyone has their crazy Christmas sales, the bundles get even better. Incredible games all bundled together for a cheap price. There was a beat’em up game bundle that I really wanted complete with a Double Dragon game and Guacamelee gold that I had to watch it slip by. Then everyone was buzzing about the Star Wars Bundle. It turned out to be something like a dozen Star Wars games that I’ve never played, nor did I own. I would have payed for the top tier. Then came the SquareEnix bundle which I had most of. I was surprised the bundle was so lackluster, but I guess the fresh game on the list was Murdered: Soul Suspect.

Its more than just the Humble Bundles, there were others like the first person shooter bundles. There was a cheap one for $5 that came with about 10 games I didn’t own. On top of that there was another $5 bundle with Wrack and that vampire game called Dark that managed to charge $50 for what was an awful indie game. Right after that Steam had a $10 sale for Wrack, because that’s just how Steam works. A bundle comes out, so they have a sale.

There were even desirable games in indiegala, which is know for the worst of the worst games. Well actually Desura is known for the worst of the worst, but indiegala has Desura codes or rather used to before a new owner came in and said no we don’t want the publicity.

So after three months, I must just be suffering. Nope. I’ve gotten used to it. I don’t try to hide from the bundles. I want to be reminded of the difficulty and challenge having to pass up these bundles and game sales. That’s the way I play games too. I want the challenge and difficulty. I enjoy the burden, because its getting easy. Like a video game, denying bundles was hard, now its just easy since I’m used to it.

Does that mean I’m playing less video games? Nope. I’m still going through a my old Steam games and having fun while doing it. Speaking of Steam, I’m still getting free Steam games from Steam friends kind enough to donate them for a review. I’ve gotten Shadow Warrior 2013, Meltdown, Star Wars Battlefront, Two Worlds, Startopia, Enclave and many more. Even not buying video games, there’s still a steady stream of games.

I’m playing a lot of free Desura games, mostly because I can drop in, play and never play again. Free games on Steam all seem to be Freemium and well cost money. Plus Freemium games just aren’t fun or engaging games. Not to go into a rant that deserves its own article, they aren’t what games should be.

Without the want or desire to buy new games, I almost feel free to just enjoy the games that I have. Games like FTL and Team Fortress 2 never get old to me. Plus I own hundreds of NES, SNES and GBA games that I’ve dusted off and put in fro the first time in a decade. I’m sure as a person that reviews games its dull to see reviews for garbage games if not 25 year old games.

Now that I’ve gone this far without spending money on games, I can make it the entire year if not a lifetime. It’ll be interesting to see how many games I can plow through in the next year.

2 thoughts on “Three Months of Not Spending Money on Video Games

  1. Good for you for having the control to not splurge! I can only imagine how much money you’re saving as well. 🙂 I tend to save up gift cards or just ask for games for Christmas and my birthday if there’s something I really would like to play. Thanks for the interesting read!

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  2. Ah, reminds me of my childhood where it was only time to buy a game at birthday time or christmas time. luckily my birthday is in June so i get a good 6 month balance but damn if I didn’t just find one good game to be replayed for all eternity.

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