Oknytt Desura Review

Oknytt is an almost monochromatic, dark and dreary point and click adventure that has you playing as “the small creature” in a world where hustomte trolls guard buildings. Like in most point and click adventures, you’ll be walking around collecting objects and using those items to interact with the world around you. Where Oknytt deviates is you also have four rune stones at the bottom of the screen that can create fire, earth, wind and water. The fire will do things like light up a house or make the embers of a fire glow. Water will make it rain or a hustomte will drool. They all do something, even if its background stuff like a creature will appear or a dragonfly will buzz by.


These runes add another layer of complexity, because there are specific orders to them. Rain turns on and off, so do you need to have the rain on or off? Using common sense helps a lot, like you can’t light a fire while its raining.

The game is simple to play, left click to walk somewhere, right click to open your inventory box, then left click to pick out an item and use it wherever. Seeing a foot icon lets you leave a screen once you’ve walked to it. For the most part, every area is one screen, but others with wide edges to the screen means that there’s a larger area to explore.

Hovering your mouse over specific objects will show you text as to what they are. These objects are the ones that you can hold your left mouse button to interact with. You can talk, take or have the object described for you. Since I never bothered with the easy to read tutorial, it took me about 45 minutes before I realized to hold down the mouse. Most of the objects can be taken. You can intelligently figure out uses for them, unlike some point and click games, such as fill up a tea kettle at a spring of water. There are still times where you’ll be left scratching your head like what exactly does a hustomte want in trade for a bolt of cloth or even to eat?

What makes Oknytt unique is the world that you’re in. You play as “the small creature,” a fat furry little guy that is still much larger than the mice or other mammals in the game. The art style is beautiful in its sort of colorless way, there’s a lot of rich detail to each screen with dust partials wafting through the air and haze moving through the forever night sky. Its not all monochromatic though, there are punctuations of color. Dark blue skies, burning red embers in the fire, dark  streams that flow through caves and red eyed gnomes. It all adds to the beauty of the game.

Its not a happy place at all. These are humble settings, yet grandiose in its artistic detail. You’ll visit corn fields, traverse humble graveyards with wooden crosses, crawl under the father’s house and visit underground locales. While you’re alone on your journey you’ll meet plenty of well illustrated creatures like giant witches and arms that rise out from the grave.

The music is very ambient and fitting. There are long, slow string instruments. You’ll hear nighttime birds, crawling under the father’s house you’ll hear the slow creeks of thick floorboards. In a way its all haunting and adds to the foreboding atmosphere.

Everything is voice acted as if someone alone is stilling a story. He’ll use different voices for different characters and while its all admirably done, some of the voices are cringe worthy. Its more than some guy with a microphone, he feels like a professional voice actor and it helps lend credibility to the game. Plus, even if its him telling a story of what happened, I’d rather hear it than read through the text. You can click skip to stop the narration or turn it off. There are a few settings for sound, music and voice over. You can even turn off the subtitles. There’s a save and load function along with a few extras to chronicle your journey.

If you’re a fan of the point and click genre, you should be able to get into this game. For anyone else like me that doesn’t care for the genre as a whole, you won’t find anything that will change your mind. Its still a play at your own speed sort of game that when you walk away, it’ll still be there when you come back.

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