My Journey Through Super Chain Crusher Horizon (or at least 30 waves out of 100)

It has already been a five hour journey into Super Chain Crusher Horizon and I’m looking at another ten if not fifteen more hours depending how easy it is. I’m only 30% through the game and after five hours this in my journey. Its always been interesting to see how many likes and views these screenshot journeys seem to get. I’m shocked anyone cares, but yet here we are. I’m still posting them and people are still liking them. Here’s the twist though, an indie mono-shooter from Japan that no one knows about, because its burred in Steam. Will the general public like this gallery and view the photos or will it be the first failure of posting my screenshots?

I think these screen shots in general are beautiful. There’s a real sense of space without it being just a black void full of stars. The only situation is they’re all 1900 x 560 resolution.

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