My Week in Games [3/26/2015 – 4/1/2015] Abobo, Papilio, Super Chain Crusher Horizon, Dust Force and more

Somehow I topped last week by playing 17 games, but some of them weren’t longer than an hour. Other games I had to give a try, but I’ll need to go back to them later to write a full review. As for the reviews, its another week another ten or so reviews. I also managed to find some lazy reviews I did two years ago, so they’ve been added to the archive even if they’re embarrassing to read.

I had by far my biggest week stats wise with over 1,000 views. Mostly thanks to games so indie, they’re not even on Steam.


Beautiful game, amazing music, the only problem is racing with mouse clicks just doesn’t feel good. So I’ve asked the developers to add some keyboard or controller functionality. Will they do it? Probably. Again, this has a simple, bright and beautiful art style that fits into the Super Spring style of overhead racing. Why is it so low? Because I didn’t play more than 10 or 20 minutes of it, but I’ll play more for next week and do a review.


Its an artistic almost monochromatic puzzle platformer where you play as a cube. Its a game that needs patience. The only thing that I feel is wrong with it is the black and white. I’ll ask the developer to turn the black into white and the grey into color. I think that will improve it a lot, but in my first 30 minutes of playing its just more challenging than fun right now. Maybe it will get better. I’m also sad that I’ve been calling it Gravitron. Its only so low because I only played 30 minutes of it.


Speaking of monochromatic, Oknytt is a black and white point and click adventure. While its a unique game that stands out from other point and clicks, I’m just not into the genre. I still like Maniac Mansion and Shadow Gate, but even Walking Dead and Back to the Future the Video Game don’t help me enjoy the genre as a whole. I gave this a few hours and I should have looked into the tutorial before I wasted 45 minutes fumbling around. Read the full review


I found this game here on WordPress, its a 5 – 10 minute old school top down educational RPG Maker role-playing game. I can’t say its anything special, but it does serve a purpose. Its just too brief right now to justify a review.


This was interesting, because I seemed to find all of the bugs in the book. The bugs have since been fixed of course. On the surface it looks like Crayon Physics Deluxe, but its got a lot more to it by having to get things from point A to point B. I just couldn’t get into this game due to the trial and error nature of it. I’m just not that sort of puzzle player, but there are creative types out there that will enjoy it more. Read the full review


I gave this one a 45 minute try with Steam’s free weekend. There’s no campaign, just skirmishes. I couldn’t even make it through one campaign. It just feels more deep and complex than I was willing to learn within the 5 hours I had it. The game has a lot of stops in the action to watch a brief objective sort of cut scene. I’d rather hear the objective, maybe move the map to the objective rather than halt the action to watch something play out. A lot of these real time strategies are getting lost in the story that breaks the flow for me.


While I liked this, the mouse controls were just a beast. If I could play with a controller it would have been more fun, but you need the mouse for the accuracy, especially the flak gun section. It had a nice variety of things to do and enemies, but again its tough getting used to lobbing cannon balls at your enemies versus directly shooting at them with your weaker machine gun. I played it for around two hours before I was stuck on the flack gun level for 30 minutes. I had to give it up. Read the full review


I spent a great deal of time in this game. Its counter productive because of a lantern and some levels are pitch black outside of your light. Then there are spikes that fit underneath the light itself. It was a test of patience before it became a struggle against pin point jumps and awful Game Maker hit detection. While its no gem, it was fun before it was frustrating. Read the full review


This is an extremely difficult game that was made so much better when the developer added an easy mode with unlimited lives. Suddenly it was so much more playable. Its still difficult, but its now manageable for those that keep pushing on. Its not a pretty game, but its a good play through even if its nothing special. Read the full review


Like most other games I went into this one blind. All I saw was a title screen and I played it. Its a really enjoyable sliding ice puzzle. Its more than that, because the last level of each chapter is a side view platformer instead of an overhead puzzler. I think the art style will really hold it back. It could be a lot worse and it still looks crisp and clean, but the problem is that it looks cheap. Read the full review


My first review copy of a game that lead to 8 more games with review copies. This is quite bluntly Super Crate Box with a lot of frosting on top. Its an addictive fun game, but I just think the whole Super Crate Box being free thing will hold this game back. The audio designer also quoted my review on Twitter “Its stuck on bonkers and there’s no way to change it.” He followed me for a day before unfollowing like everyone else. Read the full review


I had no idea what to expect going into this. Again, I go into games blind. I don’t watch trailers, I see nothing more than a fake box cover or a title screen. I ended up really enjoying it. It feels like it will thrive as a mobile game, but the controls with mouse and keyboard feel so good. I had a lot of fun with this one and I didn’t think I’d play more than an hour. Good music too. Read the full review


While I say that I go into games blind, I knew Dustforce is a 2D platformer, I just didn’t know exactly what it was. After someone here on WordPress reviewed it, I decided to play it. I wish that I liked it more. Its got everything that I like, but its missing a sense of direction. There’s too much exploration and vague objectives. I just need more structure in my platformers. Does that make it a bad game? No, I just couldn’t get into the exploration. I gave it four hours before the skill level ramped up so high that I wasn’t willing to put in the time to perfect it.


Its been around 20 years since I’ve last played this classic and its still awesome. It took me 3 tries to play through the entire beat’em up. The first time I died on the walls smashing me in the face. The second time I was murdered by the boss Willy. I felt like that was good enough, but then I remembered that Jimmy Lee is the boss, not Willy. I had to give it another go and I beat it. I also remembered all the glitches on the first play through. Glitches enhance games. Read the full review


I played this for 3 hours straight before playing another 2 hours the next day before I saw in the achievements that there are 100 waves and I was at 30. It combines a SHMUP with the slow pace of watching grass grow. Other than the giant error of screen size and resolution, there’s nothing wrong with the game, it just feels slow when SHMUPs are known for their fast pace. Read the full review


It turns out that I reviewed the demo of Papilio and there’s a whole full version available. Well I played through the full version, which is still in beta and after 4 levels it just ends. It feels incomplete that’s why I feel like its an incomplete beta. There are a few frills for the hardcore, but other than that it feels too much like the beta right now. The third level is extremely difficult, but not a painful sort of difficulty. Its still super challenging, but it doesn’t detract from the fun. Read the full review


This was my game of the week, even if it was painfully difficult by the end. I had to finish it. I even video recorded it and right after it said the end, the recording shut off because my computer had used 20 GB for the video. Its crazy how my recorder says that I have 7 hours to record when its really just 2, but whatever. This game felt perfect to be my April Fools Day review, especially when I had Double Dragon and Kung Fu building to it. Read the full review


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