My Week in Games [3/19/2015 – 3/25/2015] Brutal Legend, Jamestown, Deadlight, Hotline Miami and more

I managed to fit in 12 games from start to finish this week. Some of them are arcade-style without an end, so I left them when I got bored. I’m back to having an excess of reviews, so I’ve got two reviews a day. I think that I’ve had at least one review for 60 or so days in a row and maybe 130 reviews in the past 4 months.

My stats shot up mostly because I changed my theme. I was pretty shocked to go from 45 per day to 200 and at most 345 views per day. The articles for “WordPress is its Own Game” seem to get a lot of views, even when I make them freely available in the reader without having to click on them.


I didn’t think this would be good, and it wasn’t. Its an untextured alpha in a tough genre to be in. First person platformers without feet or shadows are never that fun. Plus the game just looks cheap, which is fine, its an alpha, but it doesn’t have to be that over the top awful looking unless its deliberate. 3 of the 7 levels feel the same, just with less platforms. The entire game just feels rushed and it scares people off.


This game just wasn’t fun. A top down RPG story game that is so bad I’m shocked people aren’t talking about how great the story is.  Its a gross out silly sort of game, you get to rub jelly on Jeff’s belly. I think the most enjoyment I got out of this one was the response from the developer on Twitter. Plus it was retweeted by someone with 100,000 followers. So how much of a boost did it get in views to the review? Six. I can’t expect that much from a game named My Fore Skin-Flea Circus, but it has a sort of curiosity factor out there.


Well this was another bad game. Bad on a lot of levels, boring, tedious, and everyone other than Ted Dibiase was too difficult to face. The game also cheats using back elbows from the front position. It can change in an instant when it takes a human a second to switch directions. I played this for an hour and regret it. What I also regret was the fact that it didn’t score any views, even when I chose to tweet about it during WWE RAW’s telecast. I’m getting a vibe that no one cares to read articles or at least reviews. Maybe that’s why IGN, Kotaku and others make their own articles.


I hated this one at first, but that’s only because the settings were too high on Flash. I needed to lower them and the game played much smoother. It still felt generic, but it was a better level of production than other 2D platformers. Hand drawn artwork and the whole shebang. The game was good, but short, I’m just stumped where do they go from there to make a full fledged game?


I had some fun with this game. Its a single simple pinball table, it just runs so smoothly. That’s really all I need from a game. It works and looks clean. I can even go out on a limb and say its easy and fun enough that it doesn’t need glitzy frills that modern pinball tables and games have.


Someone else reviewed this on WordPress, so I decided to play it myself. Its a good arcade style game, its just a little bare. It keeps going on and on, its got a beautiful techno scheme, its just easy. So easy, but its not a detriment, the real enjoyment is just sitting back and getting hypnotized until you’re bored of it. There’s no frills to keep you in game. No enemy variety, get in, get tranced, get out.


This was an okay game while it lasted, but like all real-time-strategies the longer levels were just boring. I knew I was going to win. The enemy wasn’t aggressive enough to be any kind of threat. It just waited for me to win. There are 40 scenarios and I just can’t imagine playing through what could be 20 – 40 hours of it. At least the scenarios kept me in the game. I liked the variety it offered and the fact that it didn’t get lost in a story that detracts from the game.


I’m surprised how much I enjoyed this. At first I was very underwhelmed by the aesthetics and game modes, but then I found the right modes and the correct difficulty to make it a challenge and fun. I can’t imagine this being fun for the long term, but I think its a great tool to help people type faster and increase their vocabulary.


Now that Hotline Miami 2 has been released, I had to go back to the original and give it an updated review. I’ve reviewed this thing three times now. Once for PSN and now twice for Steam. It feels like a cheat, reviewing a game twice, but my first review felt lazy. This was my fourth or fifth time playing through the game and it was just as difficult as the first. In fact slightly more difficult since I hadn’t played in a year.


According to Steam, I finished this game after the Wednesday deadline. Its still a fun easy game that’s pretty relaxing. Its beautiful and has a lot going for it including Microsoft. As it turns out, playing Steam roulette lead me to play this game. It is only a coincidence that Dying Light came out the month prior. While everyone is playing new games, here I am playing their old originals.


With all of my shoot’em ups like Life Force and Gradius, I had to play this one after reading a review here on WordPress. Its a lot of fun for the two hours that it took me to get through it. Reading the credits was interesting, it took 2 hours to come out with this great product that took me 2 hours to complete. Granted I’m just one person and overall its probably made 200,000 hours of fun for players. Two years of time is 17,520 hours of time. I think its a worthy investment.



This was the gem of my week. After playing through 24 hours of Two Worlds, Brutal Legend just felt so fresh even if as a game it was either okay or awful. If it wasn’t for the story or style, I’m not sure that I would have made it through from start to finish. Its only an 8 hour game which is the right time, but after only doing the main story, I only had 50% of the game completed. With it all done and even with my enjoyment of it, I don’t think I want to go back and play it because side quests probably mean that there’s less story and more game play which wasn’t that fun.

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