Bean Farmer Pinball Desura Review

Bean Farmer Pinball is a 2D old school, no frills pinball game that I found really enjoyable. It has the physics down perfect and I think that’s the most important thing when it comes to a pinball video game. The ball rolls smooth and feels like it has weight to it. Its easy to play, left and right shift for the bumpers. Arrows for the plunger. There’s no tilt. You can use the mouse, but clicking the left and right flippers seems like a chore meant for the touch screen versions. I’m sure it works well in that circumstance.

1As for the table, you’ve got 2 flippers, a center hole and two side holes that can open or close. It seems like the two side holes open up when you’ve played an attempt for thirty seconds. On top you’ve got four lanes. On the left you have a bank of four drop targets to light up and on the right you have two. Forgive my ignorance on the correct terminology. I only play the pinball games. In the center you’ve got three bumpers and down near the flippers there are two angled bouncers. The top of the table is rounded so you can really loop the ball and if the game didn’t run so smoothly, that would have been a detriment. You’ve also got your score on the table.

I was pretty surprised to see that there are unlockable multi balls. Where you have five or so balls on the table. They don’t just appear video game style, they’re fed into the machine in a way that feels real. Its enjoyable to have that much chaos going on. The side holes close up so you can focus on just the flippers.

If you’re looking for big points, you need to unlock score multipliers. When the ball hits all four drop targets on the left, two on the right or four lanes up above will unlock a multiplier. They go increase by one, so 2x, 3x and all the way up to 6x. You’ll be lighting up the beanstalk in the center of the table. The multipliers disappear when you lose a ball, but the drop targets and lanes still stay lit from ball to ball. You can even get an extra try with what I assume is 500,000 points. I would call them lives, but balls don’t die, they just stop rolling. There are ways to temporarily close up the side holes, but I’m not sure if its getting a full bank or if its by getting 250,000 points.

I’m a fan of the genre and it feels like its definitely a good simple game. The only downside is there’s no high score kept, let alone leader boards, but do you need those to have a fun time? No. I think they’d keep me in game longer.

There’s something else missing from the game and that’s glitz and glamor. Sure its a fun game with sounds that feel authentic, but there’s no shininess or beauty. Its just a single simple pinball table. There’s no Las Vegas big lights glow that real pinball tables have. Bean Farmer Pinball does have a certain simplistic charm with a less is more style attitude. Do you need to be confused with a pinball table or do you just need a simple down to Earth game? Something you can have fun with, but not waste your time in details?

Since its a bean farmer’s back pocket sort of theme, you’ll hear a banjo and some percussion for music. When the game itself is playing, its completely silent outside of the pinball sounds. The banjo merely punctuates things and it adds to the theme without hampering the experience.

When you start the game, you’re immediately greeted by the controls, then credits, and what everything does. Its pretty streamlined and you don’t have to watch it any longer than you want to.

The only thing embarrassing was when I installed the game, and tried to play it, Steam would load. Looking at the link in my games list in Desura, the properties of Bean Farmer Pinball was set to load Steam. It could have been my fault, but every time I clicked on the game it opened Steam. It was easy enough to go into my computer and find the game to play it.

In conclusion, its a fun table, great from a technical and game play standpoint, its just missing frills. I think the frills would help players enjoy it more. With that said, its almost the perfect mobile game, because do you want to stay in the game or do you want to have a brief amount of fun then get back to doing what you were doing? I think that if the game had more glitz and more tables with high scores, the game would be worth selling.

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