Arcade 3000 Desura Review

Arcade 3000 is an arcade style first person 3D platformer that just as you jumping on platforms to make it to a door at the end. Its a simple and basic no frills alpha. All you do is move and jump. The challenge comes in when each of the green platforms disappears after half a second. Red platforms are traps that instantly disappear. Long green beams are solid and won’t disappear. It feels like a casual, yet hardcore experience.

Right from the start is a difficult game. You don’t have feet or a shadow, so how do you know where exactly you’re landing? You just assume of course. You’ve either got it or you don’t. The platforms don’t have timers, so you’ll have to gauge in your head or jump as fast as possible.

The controls are pretty simple, four directions, jumping and use your mouse to look. You can rebind your keys like you can with all Unity3D engine games. You can even bind them to your 360 controller, but I don’t recommend it. The slightest flick of your mouse can turn your character pretty easy and you’ll need to be in order to change directions within half a second. There aren’t many turns, but later in each level, you’ll need to do a 90 degree turn at least once.


Since the game is in an alpha stage, there are no textures. Just green platforms with blue walls that lead to a yellow gate at the end. Its all very basic and well uninspiring. That’s to be expected in an alpha. I just hope that the developer can do something interesting with the art style. As for the menus, they’re abysmal. Menu items are just thrown on and scattered all over. Maybe its designed to look unprofessional since its an alpha.

There are seven levels accessable from the start, and I’m happy to have a few of them, but I’d like unlockable levels in the future. I couldn’t complete the first two levels at first, I had to beat the third level before the first two. A lot of the levels feel the same, as if the platforms are stripped away to make them more difficult, but I think that makes it easier, because now I know what path to take. Each level has multiple paths. You determine the own way you want to tackle the obstacle course. Toward the end of the levels, the platforms start going up to make it to the other side.

Later levels introduce the red trap platforms, the long green bars and swinging pendulums that will knock you off into the doom below. Each fall merely respawns you and resets your time. Since this is an obstacle course, you’re being timed and when you make it through the yellow gate at the end, it shows you your time. Well the time is always on the screen, but now you can pay attention to it. Even when you touch the other side, the time doesn’t stop until you race through that goal. The times aren’t kept in the game, but I hope they will be, along with leader board support to keep people playing.

I would prefer it if the game had some easy levels to get in some practice before it gave me a difficult challenge. Its definitely a game of skill and timing. I think that it might intimidate some, but others will end up speed running through it and enjoying the difficulty.

Even with seven levels, it doesn’t feel like there’s much there. The game has three chapters or sections, but two of the chapters only say coming soon. There is a section for controls and how to play, but the controls don’t tell you what you’ve rebound your keys to. It only has the default keys.

I do like the concept of a simple to play, yet difficult to master first person 3D platformer, but Arcade 3000 left me wondering what it could be rather than what it truly is. I feel like it was made available to the public too soon when the developer could have had friends playing it and getting feedback from them. There’s definitely an okay game here worth continuing, but its bare bones and I can’t get into the product or see its future when right now.

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