Two Worlds Blog (Final Bosses and their Exploits)

It took about 24 hours in the game, but I finally complete it. I never had a chance to explore the whole world and I doubt that I even went to all of the settlements or walked all of the main roads, let alone the little trails here and there. The game lead up to what I can consider four final bosses.

The first boss was high atop one of five towers. Which tower? Any of the five! You had your pick. At least I didn’t have to plow through all five, that would have bordered on tedium. So as I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, there’s no interior to these towers, you just teleport to the top as if its a giant spike. I had already cleared out two towers, so I went to a third for the challenge and uh boy it was challenging.

The tower was surrounded by ghouls and the ghoul’s don’t just kill you, they dose you with enough poison to slowly kill you over a few minutes. After five failed attempts to clear out the surrounding area, I figured I don’t want to waste the time. So I just teleported to the top, where I was greeted with the boss that threw me straight off the tower! If you’re wondering, I did not survive. I hit the ground, died and respawned.

I came back with my game face on and it was just a humanoid enemy, nothing special. I ended up almost killing him myself, before he slipped off the tower and died, never to be found again. Luckily with all of the game’s “keys” to unlock things, you never need an actual key, you only need to kill the key’s holder.

Then it was off to what I hoped was the final castle. Some place that I had trekked to at about ten hours of the game. A ruined kingdom, a destroyed town with several elaborate graveyards around. That’s where I was greeted by the game’s sub boss that was far tougher than any of the final bosses.

This thing started out as a human before it transformed into a towering red beast. After getting curb stomped over and over by him, I gave up on the game for a while. I didn’t want to grind more levels to be strong enough to fight him. I wanted Two Worlds to end.

After a few days of not playing, I went back, cleared all of the enemies between the spawn point and the giant gatekeeper. None of the enemies in the game respawn, so at least I had that going for me. Then I proceeded to bait the massive beast to the spawn point, so I’d have less of a walk between he and I.

That’s where I stood for maybe half an hour fighting him. What I discovered is my attacks didn’t damage him, but my 10% critical attacks could chip away at him. Why grind when you can exploit? Sometimes I’d spawn and he’d instantly murder me since he was right there on the spawn point. Other times I’d be lucky enough to stun him and get in a few critical hits before he murdered me again.

Once he was defeated, he fell on the spawn point and I looted his corpse for some of the most lackluster items I’ve ever seen. It twas sad. There was no key on his corpse to the giant gate he guarded. Instead, the gate just opened.

That’s when I went through the entryway to the inner keep and was greeted with a conversation and a choice. Nothing that I had done in my 24 hours of playing the game mattered one bit. I had a choice, you’re either with us or against us. It boiled down to that.

They presented their point of view in a logical way, so I joined them. So then I was attacked by a bunch of paladins that took me  a few lives to kill them all, but again the game doesn’t respawn enemies, just you. It was an easy, pathetic “boss fight.” It was so bad that I assumed it was the “bad ending.” A brief cut scene played followed by no credits? It just kicked me back to the main menu! Wow that was an insult.

Oh and during this fight there was rock music with what sounded like electric guitars. It was hilarious to hear this out of place tune in a game full of lutes and harps. In a game where I felt as if the music fit so well in the background, I never thought that I heard the same song twice, here’s this rock instrumental.

Lucky for me, there was a save file that I just cued up. Well there are actually auto saves that I could have loaded, but I went for a static save file, rather than guessing which file was the right time. Loading that file meant that I had to take on the behemoth again… all twenty minutes of him. I timed it this time!

So it was off to fight the real boss and after disagreeing with him, the battle was on. I couldn’t damage him either. He was a lowly human in a cloak, yet I just couldn’t hurt him. Since I couldn’t harm him, I did what the game taught me to do and that’s to run away and let other enemies fight him. I lured him into a battle against three really strong dead knights.

However, these dead knights were doing nothing to him. In face neither side was winning, so I went far outside the castle to lure in some giant enemies. Two giant enemies. At first it was one, but then a second just randomly appeared behind me. Cool, two for the price of one.  Well, baiting those two back into the ruined town that surrounded the castle ended up glitch crashing Two Worlds. Ouch. I had spent at least five minutes baiting them in.

After returning from my crash, I restarted a 10 minute auto save and baited the boss to those three dead knights and spent maybe 15  minutes trying to bait in two giant creatures. Guess what, that didn’t work at all. They must have something preventing those two giants from entering the desolated town.

Instead, I ended up baiting the boss and maybe a dozen other monsters to outside the town gates where the giants were. Well they were there, just a few minutes ago. See in Two Worlds, enemies will get bored and return to their guard posts. There I was for five minutes watching a dozen foes take on the boss for me.

At some point, I realized that my magic was the only thing that hurt the boss, but it was just a smidgen each time. I was no mage, in fact I poured everything into health and might. Its just so much more effective than magic, because there’s a chance you can miss your foe. The mana of course regenerates, just not fast enough. I would chug mana potions that I had collected through the entire game that I never used. It just wasn’t efficient.

I was bored of waiting, so I tried to lure in the two giants, since both parties would be at the entrance of the town. The giants just didn’t fall for it. They went far enough and the boss wouldn’t come to them. I was stuck and had to fight the boss with the goons myself. These goons turned on me, killed me and I respawned in a new area somewhere in town.

That’s another thing with Two Worlds, you don’t spawn at the last respawn point, you get spawned at the nearest one, even if you haven’t located it yet. From there, I managed to lure in some ghouls. You remember those ghouls right? They’re the ones that don’t kill you, they just poison you bad enough to kill you in five minutes.

I had to make these two parties meet. Two ghouls, a dozen goons and the final boss. All fighting some epic battle. I managed to merge both groups on the west side of town. Some of the goons were after me, some of the ghouls were after me. I ended up having to just run in circles and let the slow acting poison do its job to kill the boss.

With the boss dead, the final cut scene played and it was just as meaningless as the first. Then I was kicked back to the menu with no credits. Its not just an insult to the developers, but I think its an insult to the player as well not to have the credits roll. Sure no one really cares about the credits, but it gives you a chance to soak it all in, the final boss fight, the last cut scene, but no, here play again! The credits are still available from the menu, just not at the end of the game.

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