My Week in Games [3/6/2015 – 3/12/2015] Two Worlds, FTL, Contra 3, Donkey Kong Country and more

It was a hectic work week of programming for me down at the code mine. I couldn’t really sink that much time into games, so I stuck with quick games that don’t take much time or effort into completing. Games like retro games and yes even free Desura games. While I’ve always used Desura as my own punching bag, I’ve come to enjoy how brief the games truly are. Even if I own 1,100 Steam games, I just don’t know which ones will be short.

As for Desura, its a bunch of indie developers trying to make it to Steam. Steam feels like its own platform right now, like if you’re on Steam, you’re not indie. In fact during the Hatred drama, someone at Valve made reference to Steam being a publisher. It makes sense. Its an easy ticket to notoriety when everyone goes there to play DOTA 2 or idle in Team Fortress 2.


The first of several Desura alphas and demos I played this week, the Foolish Brave felt like an okay game, but that was it. When I was done with it I didn’t want to play more. It did nothing interesting or different. If it gave me enough of something fresh or even enough levels to sink in, I’d have a stronger opinion of it. There’s nothing wrong with it outside of a few glitches, but its just an easily forgettable game with a tiny screen.


I played this for the sole reason that I played Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the Game Boy. They’re cut from the same cloth, just a decade apart and in different colors. It took me a while to get into the groove and I found it more of a challenge to review it, since its so simple. Just like Donkey Kong. Its about finding the subtleties. Its still a classic and a good game playing it for the first time in 20 years, but outside of that I won’t be thinking about it.


Well I hated this thing at first, just for its keyboard controls. Then I programmed Joy2Key and my 360 controller and had some fun. Its almost Super Meat Boy in a way, but not the quick levels, respawn in with every death sort of thing. Its the gameplay, the traps and saw blade obstacles that makes it feel similar. It is of course different, since you have health and you need to make it through three sections, before you have a respawn point. It makes the game more challenging right off the bat.


I had no idea what this game was and I often go into games blind. It helps me not to have any prejudices against it. This turned out to be a fun little quick game. I enjoyed it, but its still got a ways to go. It made me think of Super Mario 64, even if it looks like its made with Minecraft blocks. I think if Bloom went full scale, they could indeed have the next Mario 64 on their hands, and that’s always a good thing! They just need to put in the effort. Maybe I have unreasonably high hopes for this, but someone has to do it and I think they’re the closest.


It took me a while to get into Transcendence. I kept dying in the training galaxy. Then when I started going galaxy to galaxy, I really started to enjoy it. I think I’d enjoy it a lot more if it was a dual stick shooter instead of a game with tank controls. There is a sort of Star Trek vibe to this game, but its more focused on the combat and not the crew drama. It also has a sort of DOS game vibe that I helped add to it with a bit of nostalgia.


This game came across my mind, mostly because I needed something quick to play. I remember completing this game over and over again, a few times in a day. I managed to get up to the final stage before losing my last turtle, but luckily there’s a stage select. So I just hopped back to the final stage and still barely beat the game. its a fun game that really made me think of Kung Fu.


Sometime this week, I thought about putting up a pole: Sonic, Mario or Donkey Kong to let the visitors decide. Well I went with Donkey Kong anyway, and judging from the stats, I know that no one cares about Donkey Kong Country. In a way its sad, but okay. The stats all go to Sonic and Mario, but not Donkey Kong.


Instead of revieiwng this, I ended up revieiwng Contra the previous week. I still managed to get a few play throughs of Contra 3 in. I was pretty bad the first time through and ended up dying in the final level. I then played through again, and again. I finally beat the game on medium, although I think it was rather generous with its final boss giving me so many lives. The game is still super awesome with a soundtrack that gets me pumped. I’d review it again 12 years after my last review, but there’s no point.


I played this mostly because one of my good Steam friends was playing it. After talking with him about how awesome the game is, he told me he was doing normal. So that’s what I did. Normal difficulty when usually I’d do it on easy. I’m a casual player, what can I say? On normal, I felt like I made it further than I normally would, but it still came to an end as I was being pecked to death bit by bit. In fact after the first sector, I never found another store to replenish my ship’s hull.



I was able to finally beat this role playing game to kick off my week in games. It felt pretty daunting. There were a lot of loose ends and my entertainment in the game faded fast when I had to get back to the main quest. I still have so much to explore, but not to do. As I keep saying, its a game that you need to really hunt for quests, so I constantly came up with my own quests. Steam had a $1 sale of the game, so everyone came out of the woodwork to comment on my review.

After completing it, I gave the multi player modes a try and its like a small mapped world, which I think might be interesting if there were other players still playing. There are even public servers still active, but there’s just no one on them.

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