My Journey Through Fall of the Foot Clan (in screenshots)

According to my stats, for whatever reason people like seeing these play throughs in screen shots. I’m sure its not a trend, nor will it beat Youtube. So here it is, my journey through Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan. I went through it pretty quickly and remember nothing from when I last played it about 25 years ago. Its odd, I used to beat this game a few times in a day and yet I remembered nothing, just that its a side scroller. I even looked back on my 2001 review which was less than 100 words and laughably hollow.

I ended up losing all my turtles at the fifth stage, so I had to play again. The beauty of this game is that there’s a stage select before the game even starts! As always, I won’t be putting any keywords on this, because I don’t want it in the “video games” feed.

4 thoughts on “My Journey Through Fall of the Foot Clan (in screenshots)

  1. I think people enjoy the screenshots because it’s basically instant gratification. I was just injected with a concentrated dose of this TMNT game into my eyes, and was instantly gratified. Thanks!


    1. Oh I’m sure you’re right. Screen shots are easier than reading and dare I say watching a video. With a video you need to spend X amount of minutes. Plus I think its hosting the screenshots gets a lot of image searches from Google. There’s some evidence to support Google image search bringing people in, but Google encrypts the searches, so I don’t know what images people are entering from.

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