Two Worlds Blog (There are Only 3 Women in the World)

Two Worlds has grown on me. I originally hated it for its awful voice work and how difficult it was. Its almost as if the game was meant to be played in multi player, which it has, I’m just playing it on my own.

I’ve only recently become strong enough to kill lesser foes, so I spend most of my time running away from them as I mentioned in the previous blog. I get a sense of enjoyment and relaxation exploring the over world as I go on quests. In fact I quickly ran out of quests that I can complete. Now I’ve just got quests that lead me to the furthest reaches of the game map. Its a big map, so after trying to walk it, I decided its time to get a horse.

So that’s what I’ve done for maybe six hours was ride a horse and wrap up the lesser quests. I’ve got nothing to do other than explore. There is a real variety in the environments. I started out in the standard lush green forest, then I moved far south where the orcs have their territory. Everything there is dead, yet still full of dreary flavor. The trees are twisted, there’s fog covering the ground. Its beautiful and eerie at the same time.

To the east is a grand desert with rolling dunes. It feels hot, the sun is bright, there are dragon bones embedded in the ground and there are plenty of scorpion flavored demons. Thankfully, there is no thirst or need for food in the game. You just keep going and its funny that I stumbled upon a great white dragon amongst humanoid jackals. Why is that funny? Because then later I uncovered a quest about finding the fabled albino creature. Funny how that works out. The townspeople all scoff at me for never seeing a dragon, well the truth is, I’ve not only run into a lot of living dragons, dead dragons and this white dragon they all fear. All of that and I’m still alive, because you can just run by the enemies. Although the jackals did almost kill me when I trotted through narrow passages.

I kept moving, kept exploring. I’ve gone to the furthest reaches south which I can only imagine is the final castle of the game. That’s where the sky grew red and the terrain got black. There were plenty of difficult necromancer towers around the area too. I didn’t stop, it was just a lot of fun to see.

In the west of the orc territory there is a green bamboo forest, inhabited by some sort of spider demons. The place is beautiful and extremely hostile. There are road blocks everywhere. In fact through the entire land, there are plenty of road blocks and bandit camps. In fact I dare say there are more bandits than townspeople.

As I continued to explore I ran into what seems to be two military encampments near the dividing river between orcs and humans. These encampments at least had a few quests, but they were pretty petty and quick. Go here, do that, kill this orc outside of town. While it was petty, I still say its logical. The game presented good reasons why a giant military with one hundred men each would still need little ole me to do something for them. Plus my character seems to understand that its crazy for just him to do it, but its explained really well.

So dividing the north and south are two lavish cities. At first I was pretty disappointed with the settlements the game dumps you off in. Now that I’ve explored further, these cities are giant and full of people. So many people that I’ve discovered there are plenty of people with absolutely nothing to say. Luckily the game has an icon feature that tells you what type of thing someone has to say. Are they a merchant? Will they train you? Do they have a quest? There are a few petty quests in these giant cities, but I’m sure if I wandered around a bit more I’d find something. These cities are so giant that I was just happy to get through them without getting lost.

The central city has the only bridge south into the orc territory. It looked as if the east city had a bridge, but well now its destroyed, probably to save itself from orc invasion. That’s what this game does really well, the scope of things. Its not just a few orcs posing as an army, its a dozen orcs with siege towers, barricades and catapults. That’s just one location. Then the orcs have settlements and cities. There are even lesser orcs far north with their own hostile encampments. Its great to see the diversity of this hostile world. Its not just bandits out there, its orcs trying to overthrow the humans.

Now that I’m 10 hours into the game, I finally asked myself, when’s the last time I saw a woman in this game. I scratched my head and thought well there was a woman with nothing to say in the giant central city. I think she was a nun. Then I thought back to around 5 hours in, there was a woman with enough dialog and banter back and forth to be an entire chapter in a stiffly written novel.

The game has a central female character and that’s your character’s sister. Of course she’s the most scantily clad woman in the game. However, there are plenty of awkwardly scantily clad bare chested men. Some look like rugs. I guess that was the trend of that era. Your sister is also on the cover of the game box and while she’s a central character, I still feel like she’s barely in the game. Every time she does appear, its in a specific sort of marsh that drains the colors from your screen. Maybe she’s really dead and you just don’t know it yet.

With all of that said, I’ve literally traveled across this game’s world. I’ve encountered hundreds if not thousands of humanoid enemies. Orcs, bandits, groms, soldiers and townspeople. Yet I can only remember three women out of thousands.

It makes me speculate that its a hidden plot of the game that I just haven’t uncovered. The fact that these three women are the only women left. Maybe all of the other women are just behind closed doors, because I know Two Worlds sure doesn’t let you inside of places. That’s why I feel its like a MMO than a sort of Oblivion or Morrowind game.

You know while I have only found 3 women, in my 10 hours of the game I’ve only found 1 fox and 1 beaver, so those are even more rare.

3 thoughts on “Two Worlds Blog (There are Only 3 Women in the World)

    1. The first 4 hours was very painful, but you can literally run past every enemy from giant dragons to starter enemies. Its really a game of exploration. The game has been given away for free a few times if not been bundled. I was also left with a sour taste in the finale. Not to mention some of the quests… most of the main quests are “go to these 6 locations…. then you get there and they’re all locked or blocked. How do you get in? Go side questing and maybe you’ll get lucky and randomly find someone with a quest to get the key.”

      I hear Two Worlds 2 is a lot better and I did end up getting into Two Worlds 1.

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