My Week in Games [2/27/2015 – 3/5/2015] Two Worlds, Metal Slug 3, Contra, F-Zero and More

To my surprise, I didn’t play that many bad games. Just Two Worlds to finish it off. To make up for lack of reviews, I played a lot of old classics that take 60 – 90 minutes to breeze through. The old classics are always fun, in fact dare I say more fun than modern games. I can just pick it up, play it and move on with life without needing to invest a lot of time.

I also spent a lot of time in Unreal Engine 4 now that its free. Programming is its own game, but I don’t think that I’ll include it here since I already have a blog about it.


I was pretty soured by this game, not for its mundane gameplay, but the fact that it was just an advertisement how they can help you make money as an indie developer. I’m no fan of reviewing a developer, but if it had ads in the game, I would have liked those ads to make the developer money, not take the money away from other developers. Its just a strange combination. Maybe it would have had less of a negative effect on me if it wasn’t so predominant.


Now I know what Mancala is. Its been played for hundreds if not thousands of years. Thanks Owari! There’s not much to say here, just that its a game of Mancala. It has you picking beans out of 6 of your pits to capture two or three beans at a time from the pit of your opponent. The computer intelligence is pretty good, but maybe that’s because I know very little about Mancala strategy.


Any tycoon game is a forever game. A sheer time sink. I played about four hours of this and well I lost the scenario, so I need to invest another four hours into it and I’m just not willing to do that now. I can’t even say that I had fun here. Its a scenario that I’ve completed on several different computers. Just not my newest one.


I still love this game today and it was joyful as ever to play once again. I managed to plow through all three circuits with White II giving me the only challenge. Well that and the final race of the king cup was pretty tough just with the yellow car. It can’t take much of a beating. After I was done with all three cups, I moved on to the next racer. So 3 cups x 4 racers = 12 cups x 30 minutes each = a 6 hour game wow. To think I’ve sank 6 hours x at least 10 times through into the game in my life. More than once. As a kid and then in college I did it all over again.


This turned out to be a lot easier than I ever thought it would be. Its been about 20 or more years since I’ve played it. After hearing the Internet talk about how hard it is, its really not. If my childhood self can complete it then surely adult hipsters with Youtube channels can. In fact the game is so easy to complete that its gotten a hard to beat moniker because so many people have beat it. Maybe I’ll try Battletoads next.


There’s Contra hard and then there’s Metal Slug tough. This game was meant to eat quarters and that’s what it would have done if I didn’t own it outright. Its always an extremely entertaining game. I went through it in about 90 minutes laughing and dying the entire way through. Its definately a new classic worthy of going through, but its still no Contra. The movement just isn’t nimble or agile, so there’s no exact way to dodge things other than shoot enemies so you don’t have to dodge.


I poured all my time into this game on a search for women. Its a game completely devoid of them. Well not really I managed to find about 24 in a game full of maybe 1,000 characters both friend and foe. The hilarious part is that the majority of women end up dead by the end of the game. In 20 hours of playing the game I still haven’t found everything. Not even every road and trail let alone what’s in the countryside.

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