My Journey Through Metal Slug 3 (in screenshots)

After playing through Contra and Robocop vs the Terminator I needed something similar yet different. Oh but it couldn’t be another old school game, so I set the run and gun o’meter to somewhere in between and it ended up on the year 2000 where I then chose Metal Slug 3. I had recently tried to play it on my smart phone and well smart phone controls are awful, so I headed off for Steam where I already had this gem of a game. I also have it for the original XBox and I swear that I reviewed it for the platform in its combo pack, apparently I did not.

So I played through 90 minutes of Metal Slug 3 and I was as awful as the game wanted me to be. That is to say the game wants your quarters, even if quarters are irrelevant. I really enjoy the fact that the game told me at the end how many continues that I had used. In fact as I played through, I was pondering if the game would keep track of how many lives.

Its definitely more difficult than Contra, but that’s because the characters have a weight and sort of stiffness to them. They aren’t nearly as agile as Mad Dog and Scorpion from Contra.

I’m also saddened by the fact that the screenshots are too wide for this WordPress theme, so there can’t be a cool mosaic for the gallery.

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