My Journey Through Contra (with only 1 life and a machine gun)

After playing Robocop vs the Terminator for SNES, I wanted to play Contra 3: The Alien Wars. Well, I really thought that I should play Robocop 2 for the NES to start a Robocop chain now that he’s on Netflix. However, since Robocop vs the Terminator had such little interest, especially when compared to Super Mario Land games and even Desura games, I thought that I’d go with Contra 3: The Alien Wars.

Well as it turns out, I’ve already reviewed Contra 3 way back in 2001 when I used to play it every day on the hardest difficulty. Then I did a search through my own archives to discover that I’ve never reviewed the original Contra for the NES, which is odd. Right off the bat I gave the old Konami code a try: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start. I couldn’t remember if it was B or A first. I kept trying, over and over again nothing worked, when in reality its probably my directional pad that isn’t functioning like it should be.

My first 3 lives turned into 5, but they ended at the 7th stage and all of my continues ended there too. So I tried again, got to the 7th stage, died and used all of my continues. Well then on my third play through I beat the game with just those 3 lives. The next day, I decided to play it again, because those 3 plays were maybe 60 – 90 minutes?

As a joke I thought there’s a spread gun, but no I’m going to keep my machine gun. So that’s what I did through the entire game. Machine gun only. I ended up not even dying. I was pretty surprised. Although I remember as a kid I would go through the game with only the default gun, because I like making things more difficult for myself. I even kept certain turrets around during boss battles to make it more difficult.

I’m not going to add any key words to this other than Contra, because I don’t want it to get put into the feed.

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