My Top 5 Best Games of February 2015

I don’t play current games like normal people do, so here are my Top 5 Games in February 2015: I would do a top 10 list, but that might just be too excessive. From the look of this top 5 it feels very role-playing with some deviation to Origin.


I really enjoyed this and I didn’t make the same mistake of putting it on hard. The combat was fun, although a grind at times, the humor was spot on having a character that’s in love with himself and another in love with him too. Even if he wasn’t Cthulhu it would still be a funny RPG. Its more than just the humor, combat and Dragon Quest nostalgia, when you get done with the game there’s a whole new campaign with different characters and bosses even if its the same location. Its just interesting to see a game go that far.


With a steep 1990s style learning curve, I finally got into Theme Hospital. I’ve heard of it, but never played it before. I sank a lot of time into it mostly due to crashes and one of the strangest save systems I’ve ever had to put up with. Not to mention a few crashes here and there. Its still a fun game full of that quirky 90s charm, but the controls feel pretty dated. The game has a sadistic sense of humor when it comes to disease, such as bloaty head syndrome gets cured by popping the head and reflating it to normal size. Playing through the campaign it reminded me what modern tycoon games are missing and that’s scenarios. So many are just a single ongoing campaign that just gets dull when you’ve perfected everything.


Despite people hating it, I still really enjoyed it, although it feels like its starting to drag on. The new enemy redesigns feel extra gory and horrifying instead of almost sleek and perfect. There are so many new enemy types as well. Everyone complained about soldiers in the game and they make up maybe 0.01% of all enemies yet people still complained about them. Another thing people complained about when the game came out was the microtransactions. I have yet to find them. Of course it is years since the game has come out. There’s still a lot of DLC though.

Here I am talking about the bad, when there’s a lot of good here for people to complain about. They take the atmosphere from space down to a frozen dead planet. Bosses turned painful, situations had me stuck, but you know I still liked it even if it puts a strain on my body while playing it. I found myself getting a lot more into the story than the previous two games, but maybe that’s because there were more than two people alive to live out the story.


I sank more than 24 hours in Two Worlds despite how many flaws it has. It was fun to explore and see the beautiful sights. While Skyrim and Elder Scrolls games are the king, I feel like they could learn something about terrain variety from Two Worlds. It also had hundreds if not thousands of background characters all of which had very little to say, but at least the towns and settlements feel alive. The only downside is most everything else. Combat feels awful, but you can run from combat.

Its really just a thing of beauty. 99% of the entire game is outdoors with only a few dungeons. I’d also say 10% of the game’s humanoid population lives in a human settlement. Everyone is either in a bandit camp or orc settlement. There was a sense of joy that came with ragdolling enemies all over the place with my giant club. Another thing that made it great was how bad the voice acting is, but at least they had it instead or reading novels worth of text.


Enclave was and still is an amazing first and third person gem of a game. Its like Quake and Morrowind had a baby. Its a lot of fun with the exception of some of the last levels. Then when you beat the game it turns on its head and you need to play the evil campaign with new levels and old levels in reverse. It just feels so good being agile, shooting enemies or meleeing them to death. That is unless you play as an archer or assassin. Enemies just move too fast for me to shoot them. I could probably play this again and again.

Its more than just fast action, its how each and every level uses different assets. There are even giant bosses and other things that break up first person melee like crossbow turrets, mini games and taking control of a giant bone lord. Rescuing hostages and having them become playable classes for any future level. Its a lot of fun with so much variety. There’s also a laughably awful shark model that rips into you.


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