WordPress is its own game [2 months of stats and SEO analysis]

Well its been another month and I’m still here. I’m a little surprised at that, since its essentially working for WordPress for free, but I guess that I’ve worked for Steam and Amazon for free, so whatever. I’ve cut back on the updates, because I’ve figured out no one cares about in game blogs except the spam bots. Spam bots love me talking about a specific game. I had seven spam bots litter my Dead Space 2 blogs with the same Youtube video. Seven. Not just one, seven different bots.

These past four weeks were bigger than the first four. Not all of the weeks though. There were two highs in weeks 1 and 4, but a dip back to normal for weeks 2 and 3. It looks like I average 200 hits per week. I think that’s misleading though. About 2/3rds of my hits are to the home page. Some articles seem to get 2 hits at a time. I assume those are spam bots. Humans give 1 hit at a time. I have also done away with forcing people on the reader to click through to an article, because no one clicked through anyway. At least according to where my stats were coming from. The stats come from no where. So they must come from my own site.

So week 1 had the spike because the Battlemass 2 developer publicizing my review on his Twitter with 255 followers. The review itself got 35 hits the first three days and then never got any hits again. I’m sure that it helped the site with other hits and got a few more follows. Speaking of followers, I’m up to 85+, but I have a feeling no one actually reads the site, and I’m cool with that, because its more an archive for me, or else I’d just post it exclusively on Steam and get a few thousand.

One of my professional reviewer friends has even created his own WordPress site. Its much better than mine, but I think in the long run I’ll get more hits and follows. Of course he’s paid for his reviews, so money should be the deciding factor.

I’ve also discovered that I’ve really fallen off Yahoo and Bing. Those two search engines loved me last month. Now they don’t. Maybe that’s because I’ve got too much going on in the site and there are only snippets on the home page instead of full articles. Now I can’t even find my site when I search for it on Yahoo or Bing. It seems like WordPress spam sites appear.

Now after I’ve put 10 minutes of research into it, I’m sure that’s the reason. Every other site they find have templates with all of the content on the home page instead of snippets like I do. Humans probably don’t want to scroll through 1,500 word articles time and time again. It might be time to change my format. That’s awful. Now I’ve switched my theme back to the default 2015 theme. So we’ll see if I get anymore Bing and Yahoo searches, because I know I won’t get any Google finds without making Google money in one way or another. I have a feeling my hits will go down, because no one will be able to find anything, but hey the search engines will love it.

On the second week, I think someone let it slip out in Spain that I had a review for Slam Junk! How do I know that? A sudden surge of people from Spain started visiting the site and well Slam Junk! is a Spanish developed game. I can’t say that its a glowing review, but it got a lot of hits all from Spain. It didn’t nearly stack the hits as Battlemass 2 did.

So after the massive wave of stats to kick off the first week, the second week went down to what it usually is for the second week. Then for the third week, I took a giant hit due to Valentines Day. Not just for Valentines Day, but the Sunday and Monday after it. Does that mean Valentines Day is to blame or is it because that was just a slow weekend? There’s another catch to that Monday being slow. I forgot that I had designated the review / article to come out at 3 or 5 pm local time when I usually have everything set to 11 am. I always set articles to come out at that time for American dead beats to read it at work and Europeans can read it before they sleep.

Then as you’ll notice after the Valentines Day slump, my stats just shot to new heights, up to 85 with more followers than ever. Well that was unexpected. No search results, just visits. Maybe that’s everyone catching up from a missed weekend. Then it happened again a few days later, 86 hits in a single day. I can only speculate that people are scrolling down on the homepage and every time the page loads more information, that counts as a hit. WordPress even notified me that I was breaking my average.

Overall, I feel like the first and fourth weeks are flukes caused by publicity from outside of WordPress. I’m not willing to publicize my WordPress, because work is very particular about what I do. I am making less content and getting more hits all while having less search engine results, but more followers.

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