Wild Speculation: Amiibos will be the same this year every year

For those that don’t know Amiibos are little figurines that swipe against a Nintendo Wii U or a portable 3DS. Doing this adds special things in specific games. After the first series of 12 figurines, the new series all seem to have 6. Nintendo has sold almost 6 million Amiibo in the third quarter of 2014. That’s when it started. It will continue to generate more revenue for the company. Depending where you buy them, they can be $8 – $20. The average price seems to be $13 so 6 million in sales * $13 = around $78 million in gross net. The retailers, distributors, manufactures, license holders all have their costs and cuts.

At their current pace, Nintendo is set to come out with around 12 series of Amiibos per year of 6 figurines each making for 72 at least. Because of these constant new series of Amiibo, there’s no time for them to get stale. Lego sets are manufactured for three full years before they’re discontinued. Amiibo are discontinued after a month, because its on to the next series. They’ll burn out after two years and resort to having black dress Peach, Mario’s Goomba enemy, Mario Kart Boo King and Zelda 2 sleeping Zelda. People are on Nintendo’s case with supply and demand. Amazon and other online retailers can’t keep them for a minute, because collectors use programs (bots) that automatically buy them faster than you ever can.

I don’t actually own any Amiibos, but I own stock in Nintendo. I really think that every year, the company will re-release the same Amiibos. They’ve already come out with their big guns, Mario, Link, Pikachu, Kirby, Samus and so on. What will they do in 20 years when they haven’t come up with new franchises. What’s that little Jimmy? You wish there was a Mario to play in 2035? Well too bad stock Mario was released 20 years ago. You should have been born 20 years ago to pick one up. Maybe Nintendo will have moved on to Amiibos 2.0 for whatever current platform they have (Wii XY).


Releasing the same Mario year after year in February might not sound that thrilling, which is why I can imagine fire flower Mario, Mario Kart Mario and even Paper Mario. People will still want that stock Mario in a year if not six months. At that time they can just put stock Mario in a different pose and people will still want it. They can even save time by mirroring the pose. Instead of holding up his right hand, it can be his left! Instead I think they’ll save costs by using the same molds for a few years. Its not like Mario will ever change his look after 30 years like GI Joe figures do. Nintendo characters don’t need to get updated to stay relevant.

I see plenty of complaints about how everything is always sold out especially online. Complaints about how Nintendo can’t meet demand and how retailers should only allow X amount to get sold per customer. Some physical retailers limit how many can get bought at once. Since one person really doesn’t need 10 of the same Amiibo. I’ve seen photos of people standing outside of Target waiting to buy their Amiibos. I think people are overlooking the obvious that Mario, Link, Pikachu, Kirby and Samus will be big sellers year after year. People will still always want a stock Samus, even if she’s in the same pose.

Nintendo will have to release the same Amiibo year after year, even if its in a different pose.

One thought on “Wild Speculation: Amiibos will be the same this year every year

  1. Haha, “Wii XY” made me chuckle.

    I dunno about if what Nintendo’s really trying to do will work in the long run (2 years), let alone 20. I’m kind of glad that I haven’t invested into a Wii U in the first place, because then I’d be consistently nudged to buy these figures, or DLC, or some themes for the menu (like on 3DS).

    It seems that Nintendo is swinging their fans around on a rope, and sooner or later, most will have fallen off.


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