My Week in Games [2/13/2015 – 2/19/2015] The Ship, Wickedland, Famaze, Volt, Overcast and More

Stats wise, Valentines Day weekend was awful. My WordPress received record low stats for three days. Valentines Day to the Monday after it. Its a shocking drop that I would blame on the holiday, but it affected Monday as well. With that being said, Tuesday was the best day I’ve ever had 85 hits and 6 new followers. Thank you all for that.

I’ve also gone back in time and added some really old and quick reviews for the original Nintendo and X-Box back from 2009 – 2010. They’re so old that they’re buried way down the timeline where no one will find them. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, after a month nothing gets hits.


Well I tried it. I liked the fact that there was voice acting in a visual novel. I’m learning to run away from visual novels. I mean I always have in general. They’re just not me. Now that I’ve attempted to play two of them, now I know they’re really not for me. Its just embarrassing playing these. Even alone I’m embarrassed. I couldn’t make it that far in.


I didn’t make it far into this RPG Maker game. I was completely lost at the deep space intro just to see that its a down to earth RPG about an old man. Maybe the big twist will be that he’s only imagining it and he’s really up in space as a young man or something. While the game has its own art, I can’t call it good. I’d rather play with the stock art from RPG Maker. Having the new art assets hindered my ability to enjoy this game. Its not even bad art, it falls somewhere between bad to good. Its certainly not awful, its just not up to the standard of the stock art.


Wow Hit. I’ve given you a week now and while the developers continue to work on you, the fact is that you work even less than when I originally played you. So what the heck? Now you can join a game. The problem is that when you join a game, the game restarts. When you host a game, Hit will freeze. So what the heck? Playing it back when it did work…. just without many people, it just wasn’t fun, because its a multi-player only game. In a while I’ll just review it for the heck of it, even if its unplayable. Someone posted a Youtube video, but I question if it was played before it was released on Steam. Back when the game did work.


I’m not sure what to say about this one. It was awful, but had effective jump scares, because you never knew they were coming. Its almost what not to do in game design, but its a drug trip of a game. Its an actual game as opposed to other horror games that are just walking simulators with one single monster. Overcast is clearly an awful game, nothing is really animated, everything seems to be a race against death. Your rifle reloads extremely slow and you need to either run or shoot. There doesn’t seem to be any in between. The first set of fights with the werewolf took me an hour, because of how vague the game is at the end of the chapter. This wasn’t a fun game.


Hop and Pop was fun while it lasted. I don’t see myself ever going back to play this puzzle game. It was interesting to see that RPG Maker backgrounds made it into this 2012 game. Outside of that, I don’t have much to say about it now that my long review is done.


One of my good Steam friends had spent some time in this so I felt like I had to play it. Volt was not a fun game to play. It was bone crushing. People talk about how Super Meat Boy is tough, but its at least fun. This doesn’t have that fun aspect going for it. The controls are a big struggle. Trying to figure out what to do is a struggle. There is no hand holding here and once I was stuck on a level for 40 minutes, I decided that’s enough for me. The style kept me in the game for as long as I could muster, but that’s it.


After reading a review for Famaze here on WordPress, I felt like I had to play it. I swear that I had bought it at some point, but it looks like its free now. I’ve grown to dislike Dungeon Crawlers, but this felt more like a strategy game. Sure, you’re crawling through a dungeon, but you’re going through a maze, lighting things up to turn them into rutabaga. I’ll have to go back to this one, but it was fun.


To keep my retro Nintendo reviews going, I decided to throw this in and play it. Its been 20+ years since I’ve last played it, and shockingly, I breezed right through it in less than an hour. Its still an awesome game and I didn’t really remember any tactics, especially for the bosses. I managed to overcome them all and beat the Joker. So much for NES hard.


Steam had a free weekend, so I thought I’d give it a try. As it turns out, I already own it. The game is very story based for a real time strategy. You get rewarded with cut scenes and since its Russia holding its ground and retaking cities against Germany, its a different take on things. You’ll get to see troops going into battle with no guns and men getting shot for retreating. I played an hour, got seven achievements, five of which came after the first mission. Right now, an hour in, I feel like game wise there’s nothing to talk about other than the story. The game plays like other real time strategies. Its just nothing special at this point.


My friends demanded that I play this game, since it was on sale and I own it, while they don’t. Wickedland was a disappointment. A multiplayer only game like Unreal Tournament that no one plays. I’m now getting heat for my review on Steam, since I’ve quickly become the #1 review on Steam. Its pretty astounding how I capture the #1 spot on a lot of games that I review. I have a feeling it’ll be one of those reviews that gets me stuck at 50%. The big problem isn’t no one playing multiplayer, it just feels like a shallow game, even with the twist that you become a monster.


Well this was interesting for all the wrong reasons. A game so bad that its good. I managed to find a glitch where I was stuck on a bar stool until my character had to pee. Oh by the way your bowels have movements in this game. I feel like the intelligence of the characters is pretty stupid. I managed to murder someone who’s body then literally landed on a guard and he didn’t care. There was a laughable moment where a guard shoots an inmate. It made no sense, but whatever. Its a beautiful game, its just a very dumb game, but I’m still happy that there’s a single player campaign.

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