Obliteration Order Desura Review

Obliteration Order is a basic, overhead reverse tower defense game where you spawn two types of tanks that need to make it through three levels getting shot by turrets. This is obviously just an alpha, a game meant to stretch someone’s legs in the Unity3D engine. It functions well and there’s not much to say. No glaring issues, but really nothing to take note of. The game is over almost as soon as it starts. The game can be completed in under ten minutes and a speed runner can do it in less than five.

I like this style of this game and Warzone: Anomaly Earth did it best. Obliteration Order needs to beef up its supply of units both your own tanks and the enemies need to be more than turrets. Even at an alpha stage, there’s nothing to stress test the game. The first level has two turrets and a satellite to destroy at the end. The final level has two sets of turrets, which makes things more difficult, but sending out more tanks does the trick in under two minutes. There are no sort of path options, its all just straight forward. You don’t even control your tanks so much as just send them out.

The two tank types both have different stats that consist of damage, rate of fire, construction time, health and cost. What I’d like to see is their range. Sure there are only two types of tanks, but it may play a big part in future versions of the game. There’s also no sort of estimated time of arrival on tanks getting constructed or even tanks moving to the location of your screen.

To call up the menu that builds tanks, hit the X key then press 1 or 2 to start their construction. Its all effortless and easy. I just can’t call it fun. The arrow keys scroll the screen, but I think having a mouse scroll the screen if not a mouse wheel to zoom out might be beneficial in the future.

Each of the levels has three mission objectives that will result in your rating when you complete each level. The objectives get lost by the wayside, because they’re not front and center when you start the level. Instead you need to hover your mouse over them one at a time. You have a deadline and a countdown clock for each level, but barring any major mistakes you’ll do just fine.

The game looks nice, the soundtrack isn’t good or bad. Its just there. Its made up of simple tones, beats and a xylophone.  Again, nothing to write home about, but when you’re padding a review, I sure need to talk about it. Other than three levels, there is an options complete with resolution and graphic quality. Its an fundamental part of computer games that some developers overlook. I’m just happy to see it there.

I just wish there was more to do. Even clicking on destroyed units to harvest scrap currency to build new units would be helpful to engage me as a player. Its a bare bones alpha or beta that needs a lot more meat and flesh to be appealing. I’m just now wowed at the possibilities. Maybe if I saw more intelligent level design I’d be more inspired about Obliteration Order.

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