WordPress is its own game [The spam bots have found me]

This morning I checked the spam filter in the WordPress admin and discovered that I had 151 spam comments. I have had spam comments here and there. I’ve even see other WordPress blogs that let the spam slide. These are generic comments that have nothing to do with the blog or contradict the blog, such as one that told me I needed more pictures and yet I had 10 photos in a 1,500 word blog. The spam doesn’t have any link or signature. Although I’ve noticed some humans make sure to put their website link in their comments.

1The spam I’m talking about is one of two things, the WordPress site that you get linked back to or the user name itself. Like “game skins,” “game cheats” or “website_name.com.” Those with WordPress sites full of advertisements are clearly spam. Yep a user name of “Terraria cheats” would most certainly have a blog full of iPods for sale with no actual articles. Some of the generic comments clearly mention stumbleupon, making me believe that I’m supposed to type in their user name on stumble upon to find them. Perhaps its just stumble upon just trying to spam me, but I doubt it.

The WordPress spam filters manage to catch them all, but in the past three days I’ve had ten. That lets me know I’ve finally made it as a blogger, when the spam bots have found me. So all of those hits on obscure games that no one will ever read about are indeed from spammers. A hit is a hit I guess.

There are a few other spam sites that I’ve found in the WordPress reader itself. Articles that are nothing but misleading links to their spam. So when you think its an article with the week’s greatest articles, like Mortal Kombat X Trailer and Nintendo Fan Club Dismantled, clicking on the links sends you to pages that are just ads with no actual article. People have links to buy games on Amazon, which is perfectly fine, because those links say buy the game and they’re at the end of the article. They aren’t a link that says “adorable kittens, click me now” that go to ads. I guess that’s what click baiting is.

What’s more interesting than that is in the reader I can report everything as spam, except for the ones that are obviously spam. Maybe that means they were flagged as spam and WordPress is investigating the allegations, while not taking down the supposed spammer. It makes sense to not take down the supposed spam. I could just go around falsely reporting the 40 Mortal Kombat X trailers of Reptile and then post my own Reptile trailer and reap the benefits of being the only blog on WordPress to have it.

So it looks like I’m not getting more popular after all… just more spam!

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