My Top 5 Best Games of January 2015

As always, your list is different than mine, so here it is My Top 5 Games in January 2015. Current games? You won’t find them here. Chances are this list will be filled with completely random games, but they’ll be ranked! I played a lot of enjoyable games this month, enough to make a top 10 list, but I’ve heard people say its not writing that is tough, its editing.

Instead I’ll just quickly mention some that didn’t make the list. Sonic 4: Episode 2, not as good as the first episode that everyone hates, but its still fun. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon was enjoyable by the end, but there are just better games out there. I couldn’t get into the whole over the top 80s action like everyone else could. Its not so bad its good, its a detriment to the game sort of thing.


I played this a lot of the month and its got a lot of Rockstar charm and fun, but its starting to feel old and dated. Its like the Warriors meets Grand Theft Auto. It doesn’t have the violence of the Warriors or the mayhem of any Grand Theft Auto game. Its a perfect teen game that proves Rockstar can make a game without a mature rating. Lots of mini games, diversions and great characters, but my interest was waning by the end.


Wow what an ultimately fun game, its just set in techno darkness and the exact same city as the previous game. Super powers are a lot of fun, especially when the game forces you to traverse the entire city from mission to mission. After seeing the third game to the end, I was happy to see the gang back in an all new wacky adventure. Even if an alien invasion and sticking them into a virtual world seems a bit like jumping the shark. The game has a lot of fresh custom levels for anyone that complains its just the same city. Its more than the city though its the humor in these levels and the anything can happen sort of atmosphere that I enjoyed. Its one of the only comedy games to make me laugh.



There is so much value in such a little price. Its a fun and addictive isometric shooter that has a lot of enemy variety and its this variety that I really enjoyed. Even after you complete the game, you can cash it all in and start over again with extra perks. Its a beautiful feature to keep people playing. Its easy to pick up and play with online support that allows for random strangers to drop in your game to help out. Its a lot of fun even with its limited assets.


I was surprised how much I enjoyed this. A simple arcade racing game that felt like it had a lot of depth in modes even if it wasn’t racing. Unlockable vehicles, modes, cups it kept me going for at least 20+ hours. Most of it was fun with the minor hiccups being the pursuit chases where you need to follow a helicopter got far too tedious. There’s a lot of fun with this game, its easy to pick up and play and all of these modes make it a good party game. Big jumps with big vehicles, what more could you ask for in an arcade racer?


Even though the fourth one is fresher than the third, I found myself enjoying and playing this one a lot more. The fourth just made me want everything from the third again. Super powers are nice, but I missed being a human, causing chaos and having repercussions. Even though Grand Theft Auto 5 is out now, Saints Row 3 will beat GTA IV any day of the week and I’d hope so since this game came out years after GTA IV. There’s something about the cohesiveness of your crew, they’re a cohesive unit even if they enjoy insulting one another from time to time.

The game is a lot of fun even if its sexual humor, fun to play, fun to make mayhem doing even the stupidest of things. Its over the top silliness and I really enjoy it time and time again.

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