WordPress is its own game [My stats breakdown after one month]

I started using WordPress to archive reviews at the end of December (2014). Below, you can see a steady progression in stats. It goes up, but then apparently peaks in terms of views at least in the fourth month. This isn’t a news blog. There are far too many of them on here. I can only see the new Mortal Kombat X trailer 10 times in the same day before I run out of things to say. Not to mention the week of stragglers.

So instead, I write about the stuff that I would normally post in forums. I’m the type of person that writes some lengthily reply in a forum that no one reads. Why not put it here as a blog then? No one can read it here just fine. Yet it will still get likes even if it doesn’t score any views. The thing that don’t get likes get the views. Here’s a breakdown of my highest viewed blogs in this past month.

I have a feeling that a lot of times one view counts twice. I’ll notice when there are only 2 visits, it’ll be from 1 person on the same page in the same country. Plenty of my pages get an instant 2 visits instead of 1. Maybe that’s just someone pushing the back button and it counts twice. So to experiment, I whipped out my phone and tried to visit the same page 10 times. It only registered once. Which is good and it debunks my theory, but then how could one person visit twice on the same page?

Originally, you could just read everything on my homepage. Now I’ve changed it so you see a few headlines. I got tired of scrolling way down, so I figure someone else might get tired of scrolling way down even if there’s a search box. Changing my format around, requiring people to click and view things hasn’t changed the stats in a week. There hasn’t been any better stats from the third week to the forth. In fact it might go down. The format might be irrelevant and I may just change it back so people can read things without clicking them.

As you can see my “What if Steam didn’t exist anymore” has gotten the most hits, yet there are no searches for it. When I visit Bing and do a search, I can find my stuff very easily. My friend can find my stuff easily too. In fact I have the highest rank on several of Bing’s searches. I search from other computers at other houses and there I am at the top. Even if those computers have never been to WordPress before let alone my site.

I am shocked that my Super Mario Land review would be so high up as it is. It must be a Mario or Nintendo thing. Doing a search on Bing and Yahoo, its far from the top review, but its still on the first page. I would think maybe that’s because its such a fresh review, but then my Magic Barrage review proves differently. That review isn’t the most recent, but its still at the top of a small heap. Should I be proud? Its a small feather in my cap like everything else. My review on Steam is even high up there on the search results. Its pretty shocking. It was the top review at some point, but updating it, made it drop about 20 spots.

But when I think about it, I know how I have so many followers and why I’m at the top of Bing and Yahoo search results. Its not because I’m good. Oh no. Its not because I churn out useless blogs about hours 7 – 10 of whatever game that I’m playing. I think the real secret to going up the search engine results is the simple fact that… deleted long paragraph explaining it all.

I really believe it to be true, but that doesn’t explain why my Steam reviews show up in the top searches. Unless its because the Steam reviews are just copied and pasted over here. Its not every game though. Some games have other Steam results in the search engine results. Reviews that I consider to be awful one liners that are funny, but don’t explain the game.

It has been an interesting ride here for the past month. I never expected it to be anything more than just me archiving things and writing blogs like I’d normally write in a forum. Thanks for reading…. because I have this feeling no one made it this far to realize what the secret is to my small success.

3 thoughts on “WordPress is its own game [My stats breakdown after one month]

  1. Those are some pretty impressive stats. I’ve only just started my blog and don’t have much going yet, so I’d like to know, how do you advertise your blog? Where do most viewers come from? Mine mostly come from Twitter when I share links, but a few random searches as well.

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    1. Here’s the thing…. I don’t advertise it at all. I’ve showed it to one friend. I can’t really advertise it or say my name, because my work will find out and it’ll become an issue πŸ™‚ According to the system viewers RARELY come in through outside sources. A few come in from Bing, Yahoo and Google, but its maybe one search a day for 20 – 50 visits.

      I did have zero from Twitter, but now that its been a few days between when I wrote and published this, the developer of a game I reviewed liked it enough to mention on his Twitter. That gave the review 30 visits in 2 days. Its not reflected in this article. Now on the third day there are 2. That wave ended quickly πŸ™‚ I was happy to ride the wave.

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