Dead Space 2 Stories (romance continues: 2-become-1)

I’ve gone deeper into the dating simulator all while being chased by necromorphic undead alien monsters. Issac’s two women struggling for his interest. One a living tough brunette and the other a ghost of a short haired blonde that I call train mouth. Issac took his brunette beauty to his home, the USS Ishimura. A giant space ship designed to destroy entire dwarf planets fit on board a space station. That’s where the alien mess came from. I don’t think she liked being on board, but I don’t think that she likes anything at all. She seems like a very angry person in a hostile situation.

Meanwhile, train mouth sure lights up the darkest corridors of space with her bright eyes and smile. She often stalks Issac when he least expects it. Well not really least expects it. I know that I personally wouldn’t expect her to show up during a combat scene when the game sticks Issac into a room full of necromorphs. She’s a girl that has her own things to do, even if she lives for Issac. No one else can see her but him. That may sound possessive, but that’s what love is or she’s just a ghost.

These two struggle for his attention, both yelling at him. The brunette had another man, that she had her eye on, but well he kept it. Watching the story, I have no sort of remorse or shock that he had her eye. He’s one of those problem guys that needs fixing and well she sounds like a drill instructor. Always yelling at Issac. Not just that, but on one of their dates, she took him for a spin in her giant rock crushing drill machine. See, the space station is so giant, it doesn’t just hold a planet cracking space ship on it…. it holds an entire mine large enough to have its own giant digger. On the date, Issac had to dodge enemies while she stayed safely in the cabin. She felt like a back seat driver, even if she had her hands on the steering wheel.

Issac’s blonde ex girlfriend stopped being such a stalker, but when she did, she didn’t really glow the way she did before. Maybe that means Issac lost his spark for her, or she for him. She’s always talking about how they need to be together. Be one with one another. They still talk and they’re still friends. I’m not sure who he has his eye on now, but he’s definitely got an eye for someone.

Later in the story he sent one of them away from his dating reality show. I guess that means he’s made his choice and will spend the rest of eternity populating an undead space station. He says he wants to save her, but really, its his way of saying its over. Its poetic in a way. That so much thought can be put into one scene in a survival horror game. The angels will speak of their love in the heavens.

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