Dead Space 2 Stories (Issac sees the pretties: a living love story in an undead place)

Well I’ve gotten back into Dead Space 2 after not playing it since September. Then immediately when I picked it up I realized why. Zero gravity section getting shot at by something I couldn’t find. I remember spending quite some time on what I felt was an awful section. Just getting shot by flesh spears while trying to walk place to place. Well this time a few nights ago, I finally saw what was shooting at me. So I shot it back and poof, problem solved. Well there was a new problem though. After the task was done, I had to find my way back into the space station while drifting in space. Was it up? Was it down? Was it left? Was it right? Was it back? Was it forward?

Once I had explored a bit then I realized oh there’s a way point line to instantly show me where I’m going. So that’s what I did. Poof instantly showed me that I was the furthest I could possibly be away from the entry point to the space station. That’s okay though. Drifting through space gives you a nice break from the insanity of living corpses trying to kill you.

When the doors open to let me back in I was reminded of the story. Women. Issac loves the ladies. You know he’s single now that his dead girlfriend is dead. She’s crazy enough to want him back even though she’s dead. She’s always sneaking up on him, stalking him. Loving him. Wanting him. Getting close to his face with her lips. But Issac can’t have any of that. There’s a new woman in his life. Someone he needs to save. Someone that has a gun, yet she’s so fragile and frail inside. Issac sees it in her the way she shakes when holding her gun.

So in my eyes, that’s Issac’s real objective. Saving her. Everyone else is dead but her. Heck I think that’s what the first game devolved into. Maybe it was a man. I can’t remember, its been too long. Luckily that’s why there’s a Dead Space 1 recap in Dead Space 2.

This past two hours of gameplay have been a heck of a lot easier than they were in the first six. Sure I’m low on health and the enemies are amping things up, but I’m not stuck in a corridor in the cold darkness facing off against fleshy raptors. Well I take that back, the game did throw flesh raptors at me, before I died and decided to quit the game. Those things have some good intelligence. They stick and move, stick and move.

The necromorphs have been throwing black necros at me, fatties and even what I call stringers. Black necros are just standardized more difficult necros. Fatties explode into mini enemies if you shoot them in the stomach. Its a nice diversity. The stringers though… wow those things are awful. I remember them from the first Dead Space. Now I think I know the trick to them. Don’t kill them at all. Why shouldn’t you kill them? Because they explode into maybe half a dozen very aggressive flanking small snake like foes. Just jumping and hiding everywhere. I remember in the first Dead Space how they’d nearly murder me each time.

I call her train mouth, because it looks like a steam engine’s light through a jack-o-lantern’s face.

But its all worth it for Issac’s pretty. He always finds the ladies. They all want him, even if they’re in his head. His dead ex girlfriend doesn’t mind that he’s perusing someone else. Seeing as how they’re the only two living souls that need to repopulate an undead space station. He’s just thinking of the population baby. Well there’s another guy there too, but he’ll be dead anyway. I can see it coming. He’s already in a straight jacket.

We also managed to find Issac’s old ship. She told Issac that everyone died from a terrorist attack. Issac was really thinking that ship brought me here to you. To be with you forever aboard this ship. You and I living in paradise. For-ever-and-ever-together.

7 thoughts on “Dead Space 2 Stories (Issac sees the pretties: a living love story in an undead place)

      1. Have you played DS3 before? Aw mate, it’s GOOD but compared to the first two it’s a bit of a letdown. Did you enjoy it?


        1. Nope. Never played it. I’m always late to the party. I’ve owned it since the first month it came out though 🙂 I enjoyed the first two Dead Spaces, but I felt like there was a strain on my body so it was difficult to push through and do 4 – 8 hours at a time like I do with other games.

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    1. People weren’t kidding when they say Dead Space 3 is now an action game. The developers or corporate head played Uncharted and thought, we can do all of this! I think they redid the engine, the graphics seem a lot cleaner and not as gritty as the previous games. Not just that, but there are some incredibly laughable rag doll bugs. I’ve seen two rag dolls of dead or never living bodies spaz out like they’re caught in a tornado. Not just that, but the models spaz out too. Like arms turn into the length of a room. I wish Origin had screenshots. Oh and to top it off…. the game freezes maybe once every two or three minutes and then speeeeeeeds up to catch up to where it was. I’d assume its a V-Sync thing, but V-Sync is turned off.


      1. Oh yeah? I agree about it being more action orientated but to be fair to the game I never – thankfully – encountered any bugs like that at all when I played through it.


        1. I’ve found 2 of the tornado glitches so far. They’re amazing to see. At first they sound like something was chasing me. Then when I turned around,, nope its just a torso with glitching arms doing circles around the outside of the room. The second time it happened was in zero gravity and it still did the same thing.

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