Insane 2 Game (every end is a new beginning)

Despite my complaints last time about hating the pursuit events and then finding out that I have to participate in the pursuit cup, it wasn’t that bad. There weren’t that many pursuits in the pursuit cup. I guess you can’t judge a book by its name or however the cover of that book goes. I managed to unlock some new extreme vehicles which are fun to play… until I drove around in the monster van. This thing was awful. Dare I say the worst vehicle in a game with vehicles I liked. Then van flies, the van rolls, the van tumbles, the van topples over things. It was like driving a tumbler. The other extreme vehicles tumble too, but they don’t roll, since they’re not as top heavy as the van. I also had plenty of fun wedging my vehicles onto objects. I think skateboarders would call it 50/50 grinding. I even ended up on top of a scaffolding at some point unable to go forward or backward. Just stuck. Luckily the game has a respawn button to put me back on the ground. No other vehicles had this problem except for the monsters. Since the extreme vehicles had been unlocked, that also opened up the extreme manufacturer’s cup. This cup reminded me of the old Monster Jam arcade game since it only allowed monster trucks. Beasts jumping all over. Flying off of sky ways, climbing mountains and rolling down nose first. I managed to slam into another truck head on with no damage, they just proceeded to fight like a pair of Godzillas wrestling. With the five Manufacturer’s Championship Cups are done, I went back into the world cup to finish it off.The last few cups ended with a pathfinder cup. It felt like a field day. Seven events, all path finders. No real competition, barely any challenge. Just find your way through each of the 30 gates before anyone else. Super easy and I was happy to do it to finish off the World category. I was all happy too that I had finished the first three categories. There was still a fourth and since the third category only had five cups, I figured well the fourth pro category must be nothing but scraps. When I went into the pro category, its just a never ending array of cups. I might have 10 more cups with 7 events each. 70 events it gets daunting. I mean I really love this game, but how much more can I take? Why is it named the pro category? Is it going to be an even more uphill battle from there? This game just doesn’t end!

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