Insane 2 Game Blog (excessive hot pursuits)

Four more hours in the racer Insane 2. Just when I thought it had thrown all of its tricks at me, it managed to reveal yet another type of event. Its called Gate Rush or something like that where I needed to go through all 30 or so gates while the 5 other competitors go through the 30 gates. There is no set order, that would make it a traditional circular race. This is your own path to see who gets through all 30 first. I enjoyed the free flow of that new type of event.

The other new type of event is Retrieve the Flag, which is a whole heck of a lot more of a capture the flag than the Capture the Flag is in this game. The standard Capture the Flag has you holding the flag. Every second is a point until you get to 100. You can go through specific gates to get 10 points. Retrieve the Flag has you going out, getting the flag and bringing it back to the starting point. Every time someone sinks the flag they get X amount of points up to 100. First one to 100 points wins the event. Simple, but difficult.

What I don’t enjoy are the frequent pursuit missions. Chasing a helicopter in a monster truck. Its okay chasing it over flat terrain, even slippery terrain, but now that the game has increased the difficulty, its the type of event that I dread. I just see that there’s going to be a pursuit event and I find a way to do anything else but that event. I’ve gone through all of the manufacturer’s contests that I can go through. Four cups, SUV, Truck, Jeep and Semmi.

Every one of these manufacturer’s contest cups still have a pursuit or two, so I’m still forced to do them. I’ve noticed the other drivers seem to let me catch up to their score. As if they know how much I hate these pursuits and how I never want to play them again. I’ll be in last place with 1 point, the first place driver can be at 99 points with the winner being crowned at 100 and I can manage to work my way up to the top spot. In fact the game even lets the fifth and sixth place drivers climb the ladder closer to 100 to make it a close match.

These pursuits have now taken place on mud bogs, tall mountains and a few painful events on frozen tundras where everyone is just sliding around. I see a pursuit event as if its another daunting 20 minute mountain to climb. Even though I don’t like the Greed events, I’d much rather do them than have to chase a helicopter in a giant truck.

Insane 2 has run out of maps. I’ve now seen all 20 maps even if the 150 events mix it up. I’ve still seen everything, been on everything for an hour. I now know plenty of these maps forwards, backwards and sideways, because with these events they take you everywhere and not just on a set path.

With all of the complaining I’ve done about the pursuit events, now the game has tasked me with completing the pursuit cup. Ouch. Even if a cup is themed like a pursuit cup, that doesn’t mean all the events will be that type of event. Now that I’m 40% of the way through the game, I’m not sure how much more I can stomach of these pursuits. Each one takes 15 – 30 minutes. There are still five or six cups each with around 10 events. I’m sure I could have done a review four hours ago.

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