Insane 2 Game Blog (game save gone)

Well to kickoff my fifth hour, the game crashed back to the desktop. Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t care, but when I restarted the game, MY SAVE FILE WAS GONE! The game auto saves after everything. So I assume when the game was saving it crashed, losing me the save file. Four hours down the tube. Ouch. But its a true testament to a good game that I picked it back up and continued to play. I blew through 10% of the 15% that I was at in about an hour. Of course half an hour of my last play through was one single event chasing a helicopter.

Luckily the follow the leader that took me 30 minutes the last time only took 15 this time. I flat out decided to just cheat and wait for the copter rather than waste time chasing it. The game knew what I was up to and miraculously the pack kept catching up to my points by staying in the spotlight. I guess its good that the game balances itself like that. It was also fun after following the copter over a straight bridge, then turning around in my car and driving for them head first. Some ramped up the body of my car and dove off the bridge. Good times.

I managed to unlock new cups and a new six wheel truck. Most people would call it a semmi or a tractor trailer. I loved driving this thing, especially through the water. The rivers that used to slow me down, become just another part of the dirt road in this thing. Sure its like driving a box and jumping in it is pretty off balance, but its still fun. The only thing missing is being able to ram through things I wouldn’t normally be able to.

There aren’t just new cups, but new types of cups. Manufacturers category of cups seem interesting, even if its all just more fluff.  Its fun to do races with all jeeps or all trucks. These vehicle specific cups seem a lot more difficult. Maybe the challenge has been amped up, but even with a super vehicle its still tough.

After unlocking the new cups, I started counting them all. Each cup has around 10 events. There are a lot of cups spread out through four categories. Three of which I’ve now unlocked. The game didn’t lie when it said 150 events. There’s just far too many of them and I’m only 20% done. Not just that, but now its getting tough. Difficult at 20% might mean impossible at 50%.

Four hours in and the game is still showing new events. Gate hunt had me racing through gates to see who could get through the most gates before they were all gone. There was some sort of gate defense where each gate you had gone through last would give you more points. The winner would be the person to get to 100 points first. If you went through a gate under someone’s control, then you now own it.Only what I think will be 12 more hours to go.

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