Insane 2 Game Blog (get to ze choppa)

I decided to play a random game and according to my randomized selection, Insane 2 came up. I knew it was a racing game and I played it sight unseen. Wow what a beautiful game. Even with what seems like very limited assets, they did a lot with them. Snow, desert and forest. That’s it. They manage to blend them together to make unique maps.

There is a map called Railroad that features a train engine. This engine smashes into vehicles and there are a few moments when you’re stuck on a bridge with the possibility to get obliterated. Well while testing out the side view camera, I managed to catch the train driving past me and ramming through another vehicle. It was hilarious.

One of the modes is what I call follow the leader, where the goal is to follow a helicopter and maintain position under its spotlight. The first vehicle to hold position under the spotlight for X amount of seconds (usually 100 or 150) wins the event. The first few follow the leader events were easy enough, but then it began to be a struggle. The helicopter is far more maneuverable than four wheeled vehicles. The first difficult event was on the beach where it would weave the spotlight between houses.

Then came the daunting and needlessly long mountain chase following the helicopter. There were still two straight aways to follow the chopper, but for the most part it was literally uphill following something far faster than any of us were. We followed the helicopter for thirty minutes! One event took half an hour! I was determined to win, so I would never have to participate in the event again. Instead of chasing after the helicopter, if it broke away from the straight away on the bridge, I’d just drive back to the bridge and wait. Since no one could catch the copter, there was no risk. I think the game realized this, so every time I did it, suddenly the other vehicles would manage to find the spotlight.

Another mode called Greed, had me catching boxes that parachute from the sky. By catching, I mean running them down with my vehicle. This was a pain too. The competitor intelligence is surprisingly good and they’d always manage to snatch things long before I ever could. Then I realized, the trick is to wait for the drops to come to me. Get into position and just wait. Don’t race them. It felt like a dash of luck to win these events.

When the vehicles roll, you’re stuck like a turtle on its back. I’d rather crash and blow up than get stuck upside-down. Now that I’m four hours in I discovered the magical trick. A simple respawn button to put your vehicle back on four wheels again. Its so nice, even when you get turned around or miss a checkpoint. Just use it to have your vehicle facing the right way.

You can expect further blogs, since I’d say that I’m only 1/4th of the way done with the game at only 4 hours.

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