Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth Blog (the encroacher)

I finally managed to get Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth to work. It originally crashed after the introductory cinematic. It is the same Civilization that I remembered since the first or second. Whichever one that I had played more than a decade ago.

The new world seems to have a hostile environment. A ton of enemies oppressed me for quite some time. I suppose these are here to grind your troops and level them up. At first it was relaxing, then at some point someone asked for safe passage through my area. I was cool with that. I thought he was paying me 5 energy (currency)  per turn. Well after a few hours of playing, I now realize that not only was I allowing him safe passage, but I was paying him 5 energy per turn. Hilarious. It was all good though. He and I became friends.

When I finally started to clear out the awful alien insects that inhabited the new world, I received a warning. To stop killing them. Apparently, this guy didn’t know how hostile these aliens were and how it was a struggle to even get out of the city to do anything. Whatever.

Then the civilization that threatened me passage. Sure thing, no sweat bro, just travel on through my land its okay. Maybe now we can be homies and you can forget how I keep slaughtering insects to even get out the door. My civilization was expanding at a rapid pace, we dominated an area and even managed to make an area free of hostile aliens.

It was all going smooth. Until I took a look at my western most outpost and saw it surrounded by the second civilization. Well I know when someone is staging a siege. Sure enough, it wasn’t much longer before he declared war on me. Problem is his troops outnumbered mine maybe five to one if not six to one. I quickly lost the western most outpost and I expected to.

He already had plans to overthrow the second western most city. A giant city that could hold its own…. but got quickly overtaken. The encroacher offered a ten day cease fire. Well ten days wouldn’t do anything. My army was too small and he was too powerful in general. A cease fire did nothing, so I gave him two cities that would end the war. The city he was about to take over and an out post on my far east. So he was now pinching me, but I still had plenty of land.

As I watched the game play itself while waiting for my troops to regenerate, he ended up slaughtering so many insect inhabitants he had warned me not to. Perhaps that was his way of saying I know you’re grinding to level up your troops, now stop it or I’ll see you as a threat.

I kept watching him. I built up my army, bigger and bigger. I planned to take back the three cities that I had just lost. Well apparently my army was far too large and couldn’t sustain itself. My energy was depleted and I was just losing too much with each turn. So my units started to disband. One by one they disappeared. My army was nothing before I knew it.

Lucky for me that second civilization picked a fight with a third civilization and they went to war. I wanted to jump in on the war, but alas, no army, no way. That’s when the second civilization kept asking me for safe passage through my territory. I’d just end up risking him taking over again. Well that’s when I noticed he already had troops around my territory. It was only a matter of time before he’d take me over.

A once relaxing game was just stressful. I don’t need the stress of having an opponent lording over me, bullying me in what is essentially my game, my form of entertainment. I figured, eh screw it and I went to war with him. I lost. That was my first game of Beyond Earth. Then I remember why I quit playing whatever iteration I had previously played. I don’t need the stress, and its just a race to decimate the other.

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